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RULE §573.69Conditions Relative to License Suspension

If a Board disciplinary action is taken against a licensee that results in the suspension of a license for a specified period of time, the Board shall identify specific conditions (or prohibitions) relative to the suspension. The conditions (or prohibitions) should be clearly stated as part of the negotiated settlement or Board order. The following guidelines will be utilized when specifying the conditions of a license suspension.

  (1) Licensees shall not practice nor give the appearance that they are practicing veterinary medicine or equine dentistry during the time of suspension. The Board may provide a notice of the Board's order of suspension for the licensee to post in the reception area or other place clearly visible to the public.

  (2) Licensees shall not supervise other licensees, nor supervise, encourage, or allow any employee(s) who are not licensed to practice in Texas, to perform duties described as the practice of veterinary medicine or equine dentistry in the Veterinary Licensing Act, the Rules of Professional Conduct, and other policies of the Board.

  (3) During the period of downtime, licensees shall notify all present and prospective employers of the Board order, including the terms, conditions, and restrictions imposed. Within 30 days of the effective date of the order and within 15 days of undertaking new employment, licensees shall cause their employers to provide written acknowledgment to the Board that they have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Board order.

  (4) Licensees shall notify all veterinarians, equine dental providers, and veterinary technician employees with whom the licensee practices of the Board order and, within 30 days of the effective date of the order, licensees shall acknowledge to the Board in writing that this has been done.

  (5) A sole practitioner's clinic or facilities may be used by the disciplined licensee for administrative purposes only. Examples are opening mail, referring patients, accepting payments on accounts, and general office tasks. In these instances, he/she must exercise extreme caution to not be persuaded, coerced, or otherwise drawn by anyone to practicing or even giving the appearance of practicing veterinary medicine or equine dentistry. The licensee may lease the clinic/practice to, or employ, another licensee to continue the clinic business during suspension.

  (6) A disciplined veterinarian who owns/operates a clinic and employs associate veterinarians may enter the clinic or hospital for administrative purposes only, as cited in paragraph (5) of this section.

  (7) A disciplined licensee shall abide by the Board's order and conform to all laws, rules, and regulations governing the practice of veterinary medicine and equine dentistry in Texas.

  (8) If the Board receives information alleging that the licensee is practicing during the period of suspension (downtime), Board staff will initiate an investigation. If there is evidence to support the allegation, the licensee will be subject to further disciplinary action.

Source Note: The provisions of this §573.69 adopted to be effective June 14, 2012, 37 TexReg 4229; amended to be effective August 22, 2016, 41 TexReg 6203

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