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RULE §330.59Contents of Part I of the Application

(a) General.

  (1) Part I of the application consists of information that is required regardless of the type of facility involved. All items required by this section, §281.5 of this title (relating to Application for Wastewater Discharge, Underground Injection, Municipal Solid Waste, Radioactive Material, Hazardous Waste, and Industrial Solid Waste Management Permits) and §305.45 of this title (relating to Contents of Application for Permit) must be submitted.

  (2) Submittal of Part I by itself will not necessarily require publication of a notice of intent to obtain a municipal solid waste (MSW) permit under the provisions of Texas Health and Safety Code (THSC), §361.0665, or a notice concerning receipt of a permit application under the provisions of THSC, §361.079.

  (3) For a permit application, submittal of Part I only will not allow a permit application to be declared administratively complete under the provisions of THSC, §361.068; §281.3 of this title (relating to Initial Review); and §281.18 of this title (relating to Applications Returned).

(b) Facility location. The owner or operator shall:

  (1) provide a description of the location of the facility with respect to known or easily identifiable landmarks;

  (2) detail the access routes from the nearest United States or state highway to the facility; and

  (3) provide the longitudinal and latitudinal geographic coordinates of the facility.

(c) Maps.

  (1) General. The maps submitted as a group shall show the elements contained in §305.45 of this title and the following:

    (A) latitudes and longitudes; and

    (B) the property boundary of the facility.

  (2) General location maps. These maps shall be all or a portion of county maps prepared by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). At least one general location map shall be at a scale of one-half inch equals one mile. If TxDOT publishes more detailed maps of the proposed facility area, the more detailed maps shall also be included in Part I. The latest revision of all maps shall be used.

  (3) Land ownership map with accompanying landowners list.

    (A) These maps shall comply with the requirements in §281.5 of this title by locating the property owned by adjacent and potentially affected landowners. The maps should show all property ownership within 1/4 mile of the facility, and all mineral interest ownership under the facility.

    (B) The adjacent and potentially affected landowners' list shall be keyed to the land ownership maps and shall give each property owner's name and mailing address. The list shall comply with the requirements of §281.5 of this title, and shall include all property owners within 1/4 mile of the facility, and all mineral interest ownership under the facility. Property and mineral interest owners' names and mailing addresses derived from the real property appraisal records as listed on the date that the application is filed will comply with this paragraph. Notice of an application is not defective if property owners or mineral interest owners did not receive notice because they were not listed in the real property appraisal records. The list shall also be provided in electronic form.

(d) Property owner information. Property owner information shall include the following:

  (1) the legal description of the facility;

    (A) the legal description of the property and the county, book, and page number or other generally accepted identifying reference of the current ownership record;

    (B) for property that is platted, the county, book, and page number or other generally accepted identifying reference of the final plat record that includes the acreage encompassed in the application and a copy of the final plat, in addition to a written legal description;

    (C) a boundary metes and bounds description of the facility signed and sealed by a registered professional land surveyor; and

    (D) drawings of the boundary metes and bounds description; and

  (2) a property owner affidavit signed by the owner that includes the following:

    (A) acknowledgment that the State of Texas may hold the property owner of record either jointly or severally responsible for the operation, maintenance, and closure and post-closure care of the facility;

    (B) for facilities where waste will remain after closure, acknowledgment that the owner has a responsibility to file with the county deed records an affidavit to the public advising that the land will be used for a solid waste facility prior to the time that the facility actually begins operating as a municipal solid waste landfill facility, and to file a final recording upon completion of disposal operations and closure of the landfill units in accordance with §330.19 of this title (relating to Deed Recordation); and

    (C) acknowledgment that the facility owner or operator and the State of Texas shall have access to the property during the active life and post-closure care period, if required, after closure for the purpose of inspection and maintenance.

(e) Legal authority. The owner and operator shall provide verification of their legal status as required by §281.5 of this title. Normally, this shall be a one-page certificate of incorporation issued by the secretary of state. The owner or operator shall list all persons having over a 20% ownership in the proposed facility.

(f) Evidence of competency. Requirements for demonstrating evidence of competency are as follows.

  (1) The owner or operator shall submit a list of all Texas solid waste sites that the owner or operator has owned or operated within the last ten years. The site name, site type, permit or registration number, county, and dates of operation shall also be submitted.

  (2) The owner or operator shall submit a list of all solid waste sites in all states, territories, or countries in which the owner or operator has a direct financial interest. The type of site shall be identified by location, operating dates, name, and address of the regulatory agency, and the name under which the site was operated.

  (3) The executive director shall require that a licensed solid waste facility supervisor, as defined in Chapter 30 of this title (relating to Occupational Licenses and Registrations), be employed before commencing facility operation.

  (4) The names of the principals and supervisors of the owner's or operator's organization shall be provided, together with previous affiliations with other organizations engaged in solid waste activities.

  (5) For landfill permit applications only, evidence of competency to operate the facility shall also include landfilling and earthmoving experience if applicable, and other pertinent experience, or licenses as described in Chapter 30 of this title possessed by key personnel, and the number and size of each type of equipment to be dedicated to facility operation.

  (6) For mobile liquid waste processing units, the owner or operator shall submit a list of all solid waste, liquid waste, or mobile waste units that the owner or operator has owned or operated within the past five years. The owner or operator shall submit a list of any final enforcement orders, court judgments, consent decrees, and criminal convictions of this state and the federal government within the last five years relating to compliance with applicable legal requirements relating to the handling of solid or liquid waste under the jurisdiction of the commission or the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Applicable legal requirement means an environmental law, regulation, permit, order, consent decree, or other requirement.

(g) Appointments. The owner or operator shall provide documentation that the person signing the application meets the requirements of §305.44 of this title (relating to Signatories to Applications). If the authority has been delegated, provide a copy of the document issued by the governing body of the owner or operator authorizing the person that signed the application to act as agent for the owner or operator.

(h) Application fees.

  (1) In accordance with §305.53 of this title (relating to Application Fee), the application fee for a permit, or a major permit amendment as provided in §305.62(j)(1) of this title (relating to Amendments), for a municipal solid waste landfill is $2,050.

  (2) The application fee for a permit, registration, amendment, modification, or temporary authorization not specified in paragraph (1) of this subsection is $150.

  (3) For a development permit or registration over a closed municipal solid waste landfill, THSC, §361.532, requires the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to charge an application fee equal to the actual cost of reviewing the application prior to the issuance of a development permit. The owner or operator shall submit an initial application fee of $2,500 to be submitted in the form of a check or money order made payable to the TCEQ. Upon completion of the review process, including the public meeting, the executive director shall present the owner or operator with a refund for an overcharge, or an invoice for an undercharge.

Source Note: The provisions of this §330.59 adopted to be effective March 27, 2006, 31 TexReg 2502; amended to be effective May 29, 2008, 33 TexReg 4176; amended to be effective October 29, 2020, 45 TexReg 7605

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