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RULE §10.803Compliance and Events of Noncompliance

(a) The Department will provide written notice to the Owner if the Department discovers through monitoring, review, resident complaint, or any other manner that the Development is not in compliance with the provisions of this subchapter. A 90 day Corrective Action Period will be provided. Documentation of correction must be received during the Corrective Action Period for an Event of Noncompliance to be considered corrected during the Corrective Action Period. The Department may extend the Corrective Action Period for up to six months from the date of the notice to the Development Owner only if there is good cause for granting an extension and the owner requests an extension during the original 90 day Corrective Action Period, and the request would not cause the Department or the Owner to miss a federal deadline. Requests for an extension may be submitted to: fair.housing@tdhca.state.tx.us.

(b) If an Owner submits evidence of corrective action during the Corrective Action Period that addresses each issue, but does not fully address all issues, the Department will give the Owner written notice and an additional 10 calendar day period to submit evidence of full corrective action.

(c) If communications to the Owner under this subchapter have a pattern of being returned to the Department as refused, unclaimed, or undeliverable, the Development may be considered not in compliance without further notice to the Owner. The Owner is responsible for providing the Department with current contact information, including address(es) (physical and electronic) and phone number(s). The Owner must also provide current contact information to the Department as required by §1.22 of this title (relating to Providing Contact Information to the Department), and ensure that such information is at all times current and correct.

(d) The Department will rely solely on the information supplied by the Owner in the Department's web-based Compliance Monitoring and Tracking System (CMTS) for notifications under this subchapter. It is the Owner's sole responsibility to ensure at all times that such information is current, accurate, and complete. Correspondence sent to the email or physical address shown in CMTS will be deemed delivered to the Owner. Correspondence from the Department may be directly uploaded to the property's CMTS account using the secure electronic document attachment system. Once uploaded, notification of the attachment will be sent electronically to the email address listed in CMTS. The Department is not required to send a paper copy, and if it does so it does as a voluntary and non-precedential courtesy only.

(e) Events of Noncompliance identified in the evaluation of the requirements of this subchapter will be those specified in §10.625 of this title (relating to Events of Noncompliance).

Source Note: The provisions of this §10.803 adopted to be effective May 17, 2020, 45 TexReg 3044

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