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RULE §361.12General Regional Flood Planning Group Responsibilities and Procedures

(a) The following activities are required of each RFPG every planning cycle:

  (1) Designate a political subdivision as a Planning Group Sponsor of the RFPG eligible to apply for financial assistance to be used by the RFPG for planning activities. The Planning Group Sponsor will prepare and submit funding applications on behalf of the RFPG pursuant to Chapter 361, Subchapter F of this title (related to Regional Flood Planning Grants). The RFPG may, at its discretion, designate a different Planning Group Sponsor at any time. The Planning Group Sponsor will be responsible for the following:

    (A) General management of the contract between the Planning Group Sponsor and the TWDB;

    (B) The general management of the contract between the Planning Group Sponsor and the consultant(s); and

    (C) In accordance with the RFPG's bylaws and notice provisions, the preparation of a scope(s) of work for regional flood planning grant funding that identifies responsible parties for task execution, including a task schedule, task and expense budgets, and describes interim draft reports or deliverables, and final reports for the planning process.

  (2) Select a technical consultant(s) to be procured by the Planning Group Sponsor in accordance with the procurement requirements that apply to that political subdivision and Texas Government Code Chapter 2254.

  (3) Hold at least one public meeting, that may also be a regular RFPG meeting, and in accordance with the notice requirements in §361.21 of this title (relating to General Notice Requirements), to determine what, if any, additional public notice the RFPG determines is necessary to ensure adequate public notice in its own FPR, including in print form if desirable.

  (4) Hold public meetings at central locations readily accessible to the public within the FPR to gather general suggestions and recommendations from the public as to issues, provisions, and types of FMSs, FMPs, and FMEs that should be considered or addressed or provisions that should be considered and potentially included during that regional flood planning cycle in accordance with the public notice requirements in §361.21 of this title.

  (5) Approve the contract(s) and any subsequent amendments thereto between the Planning Group Sponsor and the technical consultant or TWDB Scope(s) of Work or budgets in open meetings as necessary and in accordance with §361.21 of this title.

  (6) Hold regular RFPG meetings, at a minimum, annually.

(b) The RFPG must follow its bylaws to reconcile any work and consider recommendations of any subcommittee or subgroups, including any strategies or projects identified for the RFPG's consideration.

(c) Each RFPG may, at its discretion, designate committees or subcommittees or subgroups within its FPR to meet separately to work on certain assigned issues that the RFPG considers relevant to its plan such as topics relevant across the entire region or issues related to specific geographical areas within the FPR or coordination of shared issues across neighboring FPRs.

  (1) If a RFPG creates a sub-regional committee or subcommittee or subgroup to address issues related to a specific geographical area smaller than the full FPR, it shall, to the extent practical, define such sub-regional geographic areas based on boundaries that are coterminous with full HUC8 watersheds located within the FPR.

  (2) Any sub-regional committee or subcommittee or subgroup must include at least one voting member representing each of the interests under §361.11(e)(1) - (12) of this title (relating to Designations and Governance of Flood Planning Regions).

  (3) Any outcomes from the activities of such committees or subcommittees or subgroups shall be strictly for the purpose of providing information or recommendations as specifically directed by the full RFPG and for potential consideration by the full RFPG.

  (4) RFPGs may not authorize committees or subcommittees or subgroups groups or committees to take any actions regarding:

    (A) Modifying the budget or scope of the RFPG planning contract(s);

    (B) Directing the RFPG consultant's work or associated expenditure of funds; and

    (C) Other activities that are the responsibility of the full RFPG as determined by the flood planning contract with the TWDB and any associated guidance provided by the EA.

  (5) Each RFPG or committee or subcommittee or subgroup of a RFPG is subject to Chapters 551 (relating to Open Meetings) and 552 (relating to Public Information), Government Code.

Source Note: The provisions of this §361.12 adopted to be effective June 10, 2020, 45 TexReg 3792

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