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RULE §265.200Disinfectant Equipment and Chemical Feeders

(a) Disinfectant agent. Pool and spa water shall be continuously disinfected by a disinfectant agent, chlorine or bromine, with a residual that can be easily measured by simple and accurate field tests.

(b) Water treatment chemicals. Treatment chemicals shall be certified, listed, and labeled to either NSF/ANSI Standard 50 or NSF/ANSI Standard 60 or have an EPA FIFRA registration and be used only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

(c) Chlorine gas prohibited. Use of compressed chlorine gas is prohibited.

(d) Training and protection. Personnel responsible for the operation of the disinfectant agent and other potentially hazardous chemicals, whether it is the trained and certified operator, or someone assigned to maintain a pool or spa when the trained and certified operator is not on-site, shall be properly trained and provided with appropriate protective equipment and clothing, including rubber gloves and goggles, safety information, and safety data sheets. Safety data sheets covering all chemicals for which personnel are responsible shall be kept on-site and be readily available.

(e) Application of disinfectant in a pool or spa. Automated controllers that adjust chemical feed based on demand or manually, or remotely managed controllers for pool and spa disinfection and pH control shall be installed.

  (1) Disinfection equipment shall be selected and installed so that continuous and effective disinfection can be achieved under all conditions.

  (2) Disinfectant feed systems shall have the capacity to maintain up to 5 parts per million (ppm) (or equivalent bromine level) in outdoor pools and spas and up to 3 ppm chlorine (or equivalent bromine level) in indoor pools and spas under all conditions of intended use.

(f) Hand distribution of chemicals. Hand distribution of disinfectant chemicals, chemicals used to adjust pH, or algaecides is prohibited when users are in the pool or spa. Before users reenter the pool or spa following hand distribution of disinfectant chemicals, chemicals used to adjust pH, or algaecides the following shall apply:

  (1) tests of disinfectant levels and pH shall be performed;

  (2) the tests shall be performed 30 minutes after hand distribution; and

  (3) no one may reenter the pool or spa until the disinfectant levels and pH are checked and are found to be within the required range for disinfectant level and pH.

(g) Bulk chemical tanks. All chemical bulk and day tanks shall be clearly labeled to indicate the tank's contents.

(h) Chemical storage areas.

  (1) Disinfectant agents, other chemicals, and feed equipment shall be stored so that pool and spa users do not have access.

  (2) Dry chemicals shall be stored off the floor or in waterproof containers in a dry room and protected against flooding or wetting from floors, walls and ceiling.

  (3) Chlorine compounds shall not be stored in the same storage room or storage area as petroleum products.

(i) Chemical feeders. Chemical feeders for pools and spas shall meet NSF Standard 50 and shall operate in a manner that does not invalidate the NSF 50 rating for the system and system equipment. Chemical feeders shall:

  (1) be installed, maintained, and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions;

  (2) be installed so that the solution is introduced downstream from the filter and heater and, when possible, at a point lower than the heater outlet fitting or according to manufacturer's instructions;

  (3) incorporate failure-proof features so that the chemical cannot feed into the pool or spa, the pool or spa piping system, or water supply system, or into the pool and spa yard if equipment or power fails; and

  (4) if the system has chemical feed pumps, be wired so they cannot operate unless there is adequate return flow to properly disburse the chemical in the pool or spa and be regulated to ensure constant feed with varying supply or back pressure.

Source Note: The provisions of this §265.200 adopted to be effective January 1, 2021, 45 TexReg 9529

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