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RULE §39.413Mailed Notice

Unless otherwise specified in Subchapters I-M of this chapter (relating to Public Notice of Solid Waste Applications, Public Notice of Water Quality Applications and Water Quality Management Plans, Public Notice of Air Quality Applications, Public Notice of Injection Well and Other Specific Applications, and Public Notice for Radioactive Material Licenses), when this chapter requires mailed notice, the chief clerk shall mail notice to:

  (1) the landowners named on the application map or supplemental map, or the sheet attached to the application map or supplemental map;

  (2) the mayor and health authorities of the city or town in which the facility is or will be located or in which waste is or will be disposed of;

  (3) The county judge and health authorities of the county in which the facility is or will be located or in which waste is or will be disposed of;

  (4) the Texas Department of Health;

  (5) the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department;

  (6) the Texas Railroad Commission;

  (7) if applicable, local, state and federal agencies for which notice is required in 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), §124.10(c), as amended and adopted in the CFR through May 2, 1989 at 54 FedReg 18786;

  (8) if applicable, persons on a mailing list developed and maintained in accordance with 40 CFR §124.10(c)(1)(ix);

  (9) the applicant;

  (10) if the application concerns an injection well, the Water Well Drillers Advisory Council;

  (11) persons on a relevant mailing list kept under §39.407 of this title (relating to Mailing Lists);

  (12) any other person the executive director or chief clerk may elect to include;

  (13) if applicable, the secretary of the Coastal Coordination Council; and

  (14) persons who filed public comment or hearing requests on or before the deadline for filing public comment or hearing requests.

Source Note: The provisions of this §39.413 adopted to be effective September 23, 1999, 24 TexReg 8190

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