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RULE §700.716Family Service Plan for Family-Based Safety Services Cases

(a) After initial contacts are made, as defined in §700.714, (relating to Contacts for Family-Based Safety Services), the Department of Family and Protective Services' (DFPS's) Child Protective Services (CPS) Division must establish a detailed written service plan and initiate any needed services for the family.

(b) The purposes of the family service plan for families receiving family-based safety services are to:

  (1) establish a structured, time-limited process for providing services; and

  (2) ensure that services progress as quickly as possible towards enabling the family to:

    (A) reduce the risk of abuse or neglect; and

    (B) function effectively without CPS assistance.

(c) The family service plan must:

  (1) include a statement of CPS concerns;

  (2) include family needs and strengths and resources that can be utilized to help the family reduce the risk of abuse and neglect;

  (3) identify the goals or changes needed to reduce the level of risk;

  (4) specify the required actions the family must complete during the effective period of the plan in order to make the needed changes;

  (5) describe the services CPS will provide to help the family complete those actions;

  (6) indicate how CPS will evaluate the family's progress in completing each required action and goal;

  (7) indicate the period of time and frequency of the required actions and services; and

  (8) meet federal and state laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

(d) The caseworker must attempt to work with the parents to develop the family service plan. After completing the plan, the caseworker must ask the parents to sign it, and must give them a copy of it. If either parent will not sign the plan, the caseworker must document on the plan the reasons why a parent will not sign and must give the parent a copy of the plan. The caseworker must ensure that each individual signing the plan understands and agrees to their responsibilities, the potential consequences of non-compliance, and the actions or circumstances needed to complete the plan and close the case with no further involvement by CPS.

(e) Every month while a family-based safety services case is open, the caseworker must:

  (1) make reasonable efforts to contact any provider who is providing services as part of the family service plan and obtain information about the family's progress;

  (2) gather any other information or documentation from collaterals related to child safety or the family service plan;

  (3) evaluate all information gathered and document:

    (A) whether family-based safety services are still needed to ensure child safety; and

    (B) whether any changes are needed to the family service plan, an existing Safety Plan, or an existing parental child safety placement. The caseworker must document reasons for any changes.

Source Note: The provisions of this §700.716 adopted to be effective September 15, 2021, 46 TexReg 5901

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