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RULE §81.111Request for Criminal History Eligibility Determination

(a) Purpose and Applicability. This section establishes the procedures by which an individual may seek a preliminary review of his or her eligibility to be licensed by the Department with respect to his or her criminal history prior to formally applying with the Department for licensure, as authorized by Occupations Code Chapter 53. Pursuant to Tex. Occ. Code §53.102, the evaluation contemplated by this section is available to an individual who has reason to believe he or she is ineligible to be licensed by the Department due to a conviction or deferred adjudication for a felony or misdemeanor offense, and who is enrolled or is planning to enroll in an educational program that prepares an individual to be licensed by the Department. The Commissioner will not offer advisory opinions concerning criminal convictions or sentences that have not actually occurred.

(b) Request for Preliminary Eligibility Determination; Supporting Documentation. The request must be made on the form prescribed by the Commissioner and published on the Department's website. The fee to make a request under this section is $75.

(c) Review of Request for Preliminary Evaluation. A request made under this section will be reviewed by the Commissioner and Department staff to determine the requestor's eligibility utilizing the same procedures for review of an individual's criminal history when making an application for licensure, and is subject to the Department's criminal conviction guidelines set forth in §81.110 of this title (relating to Criminal Conviction Guidelines). As a result, the requestor, in making the request, must list all offenses that actually resulted in a criminal conviction, or that otherwise constitute a criminal conviction for purposes of Tex. Fin. Code. §157.0131 and §81.110 of this title (relating to Criminal Conviction Guidelines). The requestor's incarcerated status that would render the individual ineligible for licensure pursuant to Tex. Occ. Code §53.021(b) will be disregarded; however, the Department will consider the implications of the requestor's anticipated release from incarceration in making its determination.

(d) Determination of Eligibility. Within 90 days of receipt of the fully-completed request, the Department will notify the requestor of his or her eligibility to receive a license issued under Finance Code Chapters 157 and 180.

(e) Effect of Determination. In the absence of new evidence known but not disclosed by the requestor, or not reasonably available to the Department in consideration of the disclosures made by the requestor, the Commissioner's decision regarding eligibility of the requestor concerning his or her criminal history will be determinative for purposes of reviewing a subsequent application for licensure from the requestor. However, the Commissioner's decision regarding eligibility will not be determinative to the extent the request for preliminary eligibility determination contained fraudulent or misleading information or supporting documentation or otherwise failed to list a criminal conviction of the requestor that was not otherwise discovered by the Department in investigating the request, regardless of whether or not the requestor was aware of the conviction at the time of the request, and including any subsequent conviction received by the requestor. A decision that the requestor is eligible will not be determinative if the requestor is determined to be ineligible for licensure by operation of law as provided by Tex. Fin. Code §180.055(a) and §81.110 of this title (relating to Criminal Conviction Guidelines).

Source Note: The provisions of this §81.111 adopted to be effective November 4, 2021, 46 TexReg 7392

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