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RULE §9.7Applications for Licenses, Manufacturer Registrations, and Renewals

(a) In addition to complying with NFPA 54 §4.1, no person may engage in any LP-gas activity until that person has obtained a license from the Commission authorizing the LP-gas activities, except as follows:

  (1) A person is exempt from licensing under Texas Natural Resources Code §113.081(b) but is required to obtain a license before engaging in any LP-gas activities in commerce or in business.

  (2) A state agency or institution, county, municipality, school district, or other governmental subdivision is exempt from licensing requirements as provided by §113.081(g) if the entity is performing LP-gas activities on its own behalf but is required to obtain a license if performing LP-gas activities for or on behalf of a second party.

  (3) An original manufacturer of a new motor vehicle powered by LP-gas, or a subcontractor of a manufacturer who produces a new LP-gas powered motor vehicle for the manufacturer is not subject to licensing requirements but shall comply with all other rules in this chapter.

  (4) An ultimate consumer is not subject to licensing requirements if performing LP-gas activities dealing only with the ultimate consumer; however, a license is required to register a transport, bobtail, or cylinder delivery unit. An ultimate consumer's license does not require a fee or a company representative.

(b) An applicant for license shall not engage in any LP-gas activities until it has employed a company representative who meets the requirements of §9.17 of this title (relating to Designation and Responsibilities of Company Representatives and Operations Supervisors), or for Category D applicants only, who meets the requirements of §9.17 of this title or has obtained a General Installers and Repairman Exemption as specified in §9.13 of this title (relating to General Installers and Repairman Exemption).

(c) Licensees, registered manufacturers, company representatives, and operations supervisors at each outlet shall have copies of all current licenses and/or manufacturer registrations and certificates for employees at that location available for inspection during regular business hours. In addition, licensees and registered manufacturers shall maintain a current version of the rules in this chapter and shall provide access to these rules for each company representative and operations supervisor. The rules shall also be available to employees during business hours.

(d) Licenses and manufacturer registrations issued under this chapter expire one year after issuance at midnight on the last day of the month prior to the month in which they are issued.

(e) If a license or registration expires, the person shall immediately cease LP-gas activities.

(f) An applicant for a new license shall submit to AFS:

  (1) a properly completed LPG Form 1 listing all names under which LP-gas related activities requiring licensing are to be conducted and the applicant's properly qualified company representative and the following forms or documents as applicable:

    (A) LPG Form 1A if the applicant will operate any outlets pursuant to subsection (g) of this section;

    (B) LPG Form 7 and any information requested in §9.202 of this title (relating to Registration and Transfer of LP-Gas Transports or Container Delivery Units) if the applicant intends to register any LP-gas transports or container delivery units;

    (C) LPG Form 19 if the applicant will be transferring the operation of an existing bulk plant, service station, cylinder filling, or portable cylinder exchange rack installation from another licensee;

    (D) any form required to comply with §9.26 of this title (relating to Insurance and Self-Insurance Requirements);

    (E) a copy of the current certificate of account status if required by §9.21 of this title (relating to Franchise Tax Certification and Assumed Name Certificates); and/or

    (F) copies of the assumed name certificates if required by §9.21 of this title; and

  (2) payment for all applicable fees. If the applicant submits the payment by mail, the payment shall be in the form of a check or money order. If the applicant pays the applicable fee online, the applicant shall submit a copy of the online receipt via mail, email, or fax.

(g) A licensee shall submit LPG Form 1A listing all outlets operated by the licensee.

  (1) The licensee shall employ at each outlet an operations supervisor who meets the requirements of §9.17 of this title.

  (2) Each outlet shall be listed on the licensee's renewal as specified in subsection (k) of this section.

(h) Beginning June 1, 2020, a prospective container manufacturer may apply to AFS to manufacture LP-gas containers in the state of Texas. Beginning June 1, 2020, a person shall not engage in the manufacture of LP-gas containers in this state unless that person has obtained a container manufacturer's registration as specified in this subsection.

  (1) Applicants for container manufacturer registration shall file with AFS LPG Form 1M, and any of the following applicable forms or documents:

    (A) any form required by §9.26 of this title;

    (B) a copy of current certificate of account status if required by §9.21 of this title;

    (C) copies of the assumed name certificates if required by §9.21 of this title;

    (D) a copy of current DOT authorization. A registered manufacturer shall not continue to operate after the expiration date of the DOT authorization; and/or

    (E) a copy of current ASME Code, Section VIII certificate of authorization or "R" certificate. If ASME is unable to issue a renewed certificate of authorization prior to the expiration date, the manufacturer may request in writing an extension of time not to exceed 60 calendar days past the expiration date. The request for extension shall be received by AFS prior to the expiration date of the ASME certificate of authorization referred to in this section, and shall include a letter or statement from ASME that the agency is unable to issue the renewal certificate of authorization prior to expiration and that a temporary extension will be granted for its purposes. A registered manufacturer shall not continue to operate after the expiration date of an ASME certificate of authorization until the manufacturer files a current ASME certificate of authorization with AFS or AFS grants a temporary exception.

  (2) By filing LPG Form 1M, the applicant certifies that it has read the requirements of this chapter and shall comply with all applicable rules, regulations and adopted standards.

  (3) The required fee shall accompany LPG Form 1M. An original registration fee is $1,000; the renewal fee is $600.

    (A) If submitted by mail, payment shall be by check, money order, or printed copy of an online receipt.

    (B) If submitted by email or fax, payment shall be a copy of an online receipt.

  (4) If a manufacturer registration expires or lapses, the person shall immediately cease the manufacture, assembly, repair, testing and sale of LP-gas containers in Texas.

(i) Applications for license or registration must include a 24-hour emergency telephone number.

(j) AFS will review an application for license or registration to verify all requirements have been met.

  (1) If errors are found or information is missing on the application or other documents, AFS will notify the applicant of the deficiencies in writing.

  (2) The applicant must respond with the required information and/or documentation within 30 days of the written notice. Failure to respond by the deadline will result in withdrawal of the application.

  (3) If all requirements have been met, AFS will issue the license or manufacturer registration and send the license or registration to the licensee or manufacturer, as applicable.

(k) For license and manufacturer registration renewals:

  (1) AFS shall notify the licensee or registered manufacturer in writing at the address on file with AFS of the impending license or manufacturer registration expiration at least 30 calendar days before the date the license or registration is scheduled to expire.

  (2) The renewal notice shall include copies of applicable LPG Forms 1, 1A, and 7, or LPG Form 1M showing the information currently on file.

  (3) The licensee or registered manufacturer shall review and return all renewal documentation to AFS with any necessary changes clearly marked on the forms. The licensee or registered manufacturer shall submit any applicable fees with the renewal documentation.

  (4) Failure to meet the renewal deadline set forth in this section shall result in expiration of the license or manufacturer registration.


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