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RULE §6.408Department of Energy Weatherization Requirements

(a) In addition to cost principles and administrative requirements listed in §1.402 in Chapter 1 of this title (relating to Cost Principles and Administrative Requirements), Subrecipients administering DOE programs must also adhere to 10 CFR Part 440, 10 CFR Part 600, active DOE WAP Program Notices/Memorandums, NREL Standard Work Specifications, and the applicable International Residential Code (IRC).

(b) WAP Policy Advisory Council. In accordance with Tex. Gov't Code, §2110.005 and 10 CFR §440.17, the Department shall establish the Weatherization Assistance Program Policy Advisory Council (WAP PAC), with which it will consult prior to the submission of the annual plan and award of funds to DOE.

(c) Adjusted Average Expenditure Per Dwelling Unit. Expenditures of financial assistance provided under DOE-WAP funding for the Weatherization services for labor, weatherization materials, and program support shall not exceed the DOE adjusted average expenditure limit for the current Program Year per Dwelling Unit as provided by DOE, and as cited in the Contract, without special agreement via an approved waiver from the Department.

(d) Electric Base Load Measures. DOE has approved the inclusion of selected Electric Base Load (EBL) measures as part of the Weatherization of eligible residential units. Refrigerator usage data must be obtained either by metering the appliance for a minimum of two (2) hours or from a DOE approved tool when calculating the EBL SIR..

(e) Energy Audit Procedures.

  (1) SIR for the Energy Audit procedures will determine the installation of allowable Weatherization measures. The Weatherization measures must result in energy cost savings over the lifetime of the measure(s), discounted to present value, that equal or exceed the cost of materials, and installation. An Energy Audit may consist of Incidental Repairs, Energy-Saving Measures (starting with Duct Sealing and Infiltration Reduction), and Health and Safety Measures. All Energy-Saving Measures must rank with an SIR of one or greater. The total Cumulative SIR, prior to Health and Safety measures, must be a one or greater in order to weatherize the dwelling unit.

  (2) The Energy Audit has not been approved for multifamily buildings containing 25 or more units. A Subrecipient that proposes weatherizing a building containing 25 or more units must receive approval from the Department prior to beginning any Weatherization activity.

  (3) Energy Auditors must use the established R-values for existing measures provided in the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC when entering data into the Energy Audit. Subrecipient must follow minimum requirements set in the applicable IRC or jurisdictions authorized by state law to adopt later editions.

  (4) A Subrecipient utilizing the Energy Audit must enter into the audit all materials and labor measures proposed to be installed.

(f) Priority List Procedures. Subrecipient is limited to Weatherization measures as detailed in the DOE approved Priority List. Measures must be addressed according to the instructions in the Weatherization Contract, Priority List criteria, and the Department's DOE Priority List policies and procedures.

Source Note: The provisions of this §6.408 adopted to be effective December 2, 2021, 46 TexReg 8012; amended to be effective January 1, 2023, 47 TexReg 8529

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