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RULE §16.203Notice and Applications

(a) For each grant cycle in the grant issuance plan adopted under §16.202 of this subchapter, the council shall, as necessary, publish a NOFA on the Texas.gov eGrants website and the comptroller's website.

(b) The NOFA may include:

  (1) the amount of grant funds available for grant awards for each regional healthcare partnership region under the regional component;

  (2) the amount of grant funds available for grant awards and any limitations on the number of grant awards under the targeted intervention component;

  (3) the strategy or strategies that are eligible for grant funding and the order of priority for grant funding;

  (4) the minimum and maximum amount of grant funds available for each grant application;

  (5) limitations on the geographic distribution of grant funds under the regional component and under the targeted intervention component;

  (6) eligibility requirements;

  (7) grant application requirements;

  (8) grant award and evaluation criteria;

  (9) the date by which grant applications must be submitted to the council;

  (10) the anticipated date of grant awards;

  (11) any preferred criteria relevant to the grant application;

  (12) parameters for allowable costs reimbursable under the grant awards; and

  (13) any other necessary information.

(c) All grant applications submitted under this subchapter must comply with the requirements contained in this subchapter and in the relevant NOFA published by the council.

(d) Grant applicants must apply for a grant award using the procedures, forms, and certifications prescribed by the council.

(e) During the review of a grant application, a program staff member may require a grant applicant to submit additional information necessary to complete the review. Such requests for information do not serve as notice that the council intends to fund a grant application; however, failure to respond to requests for additional information may impact the ability to review and evaluate the grant application.

(f) Grant applications shall:

  (1) seek to remediate the opioid crisis in this state by using efficient and cost-effective methods that are directed to regions of this state experiencing opioid-related harms; and

  (2) satisfy the requirements set forth in this subchapter; Government Code, Chapter 403, Subchapter R; and the relevant NOFA published by the council.

Source Note: The provisions of this §16.203 adopted to be effective July 10, 2023, 48 TexReg 3700

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