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RULE §181.12Charges for Public Records

The charge to any person requesting copies of any public records of the Texas Bond Review Board will be the charge established by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission; however, the Texas Bond Review Board will charge the following amounts necessary to recoup the costs of items as follows:

  (1) computer resources charges (mainframe and programming time), as determined by the Department of Information Resources.

  (2) copies of public records shall be furnished without charge or at a reduced charge if the Executive Director determines that waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest because furnishing the information can be considered as primarily benefiting the general public.

  (3) any additional reasonable cost will be added at actual cost, with full disclosure to the requesting party as soon as it is known.

  (4) a reasonable deposit may be required for requests where the total charges are over $200.

  (5) all requests will be treated equally. The Executive Director may exercise discretion in waiving charges.

  (6) if records are requested to be inspected instead of receiving copies, access will be by appointment only during regular business hours of the agency and will be at the discretion of the Executive Director.

  (7) confidential documents will not be made available for examination or copying except under court order or other directive.

  (8) all open records requests will be referred to the Executive Director or designee before the agency staff will release the information.

Source Note: The provisions of this §181.12 adopted to be effective October 11, 1994, 19 TexReg 7711; amended to be effective February 27, 2002, 27 TexReg 1335; amended to be effective September 18, 2003, 28 TexReg 8133

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