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RULE §10.28Stock Handling

(a) To be eligible for certification, all classes of planting stock at the time of bulk distribution or shipping shall conform to the following standards.

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(b) General requirements.

  (1) Constant care and grower supervision must be maintained throughout harvesting, handling, and packing of stock eligible under the provisions of the program so as to maintain the identity and purity of it. All stock must be measured in bushels when distributed if it is to retain certification status. The standard measure of a bushel is considered to be 1 1/4 cubic feet.

  (2) Planting stock is subject to sampling by an approved inspector at any time during the digging season when the material is being packaged or distributed.

(c) Shipment. For pasture grass, planting stock must be packed for shipment in sealed sacks, bags, or other containers that will insure maintenance of planting quality. Such containers must meet the labeling requirements of §10.10(b) of this title (relating to Labels) of the general requirements.

(d) Bulk distribution.

  (1) For pasture grass, stock that is not to be shipped need not be packed as for shipment (example: harvesting and loading a customer's truck with sprigs). However, the consumer must be given a certification label for each load.

  (2) For turfgrass, sod blocks or bulk stolons must be protected in a manner to prevent drying out, in order to ensure viability of grass upon delivery. The consumer must be given a certification label for each load. The amount of sod or stolons must be shown on each label for each load.

(e) Label reporting system.

  (1) Certification labels will be available on which space will be provided for the certified producer to write the date of sprig harvest and the bushels in the container or load it represents.

  (2) Report forms will be available on which the certified producer must record the label number, the date of harvest, and bushels the label represents (example: GO682790 5-10-68 - 20 bu.). The report of use of certified labels must be sent to the Seed Quality Program at least once a month.

Source Note: The provisions of this §10.28 adopted to be effective September 2, 1996, 21 TexReg 7955

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