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RULE §22.6Integrated Pest Management Plans

(a) To meet the minimum requirements for department approval of an integrated pest management plan, the certificate holder must:

  (1) agree to use multiple approved control tactics to manage, mitigate, or eliminate plant pests;

  (2) list the control tactics to be used;

  (3) list the scientific name of beneficial organisms used, if any, as a control tactic;

  (4) specify threshold levels, if available, for each plant pest and plant type combination that will result in the use of one or more approved control tactics;

  (5) specify the methods to be used for monitoring the occurrence of plant pests; and

  (6) describe the general sanitation practices to be used in the production of regulated plants.

(b) An integrated pest management plan must be submitted to the department in a legible written request. The department shall mail a written notice of plan approval or denial to the certificate holder within 30 calendar days after its receipt. However, failure of the department to meet the preceding deadline shall not affect the plan's status as pending, approved, or denied.

(c) If the department determines that an integrated pest management program is not being implemented as described in the approved plan, the department may withdraw approval for the plan by written notice delivered to the certificate holder by United States mail to the certificate holder's last known mailing address as shown in department records, last known facsimile transmission number as shown in department records, last known electronic mail address as shown in department records, or by hand-delivery to the certificate holder or employee of the certificate holder.

Source Note: The provisions of this §22.6 adopted to be effective September 9, 2001, 26 TexReg 6661

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