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RULE §210.5Authorization for the Use of Reclaimed Water

(a) Prior to discharging any reclaimed water to the waters in the state, the provider or user shall obtain a permit from the commission in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 305 of this title (relating to Consolidated Permits) except as provided for by §210.22(e) of this title (relating to General Requirements). The application for the required permit authorization to discharge reclaimed water may be submitted concurrently or after the permit application to treat and dispose of wastewater in accordance with the requirements of 30 TAC Chapter 305.

(b) The executive director may require a reclaimed water user to apply for and obtain a permit to utilize reclaimed water if the reclaimed water use poses potential or actual adverse impacts upon human health, soil and ground water resources, or aquatic life.

(c) For purposes of this chapter, no permit issued pursuant to Chapter 305 of this title (relating to Consolidated Permits) will be required for additional treatment required to meet the quality standards of §210.33 of this title (relating to Quality Standards for Using Reclaimed Water), unless such additional treatment results in a discharge of wastewater into waters in the state.

(d) A reclaimed water provider or user who accepts effluent meeting the Type II quality criteria and that must also meet the Type I quality criteria for a proposed use must provide additional treatment for the proposed new use. The additional manner of treatment must be authorized by the executive director. The provider or user must notify and be granted an authorization from the executive director prior to engaging in such activity. Examples of such additional treatment may include processes for disinfection or filtration of the reclaimed water. Such authorization may be granted by the executive director after review of the proposed plans and specifications submitted to the executive director for the additional treatment. This request for authorization may be submitted to the executive director along with the notification required by §210.4 of this title (relating to Notification).

(e) If a provider or user elects to treat reclaimed water supplied by the provider or producer, respectively, to a quality better than the minimum standards of this chapter for the same use, such treatment does not require a permit or other additional authorization by the executive director.

(f) Any sewage sludge generated as a result of reclaimed water treatment undertaken pursuant to this section shall be managed in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 312 of this title (relating to Sludge Use, Disposal and Transportation).

Source Note: The provisions of this §210.5 adopted to be effective February 12, 1997, 22 TexReg 1103; amended to be effective March 2, 2023, 48 TexReg 1132

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