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RULE §14.7Solicitations

(a) Except as otherwise provided under §14.8 of this title (relating to Direct Award), the executive director shall prepare and issue a formal request for proposal (RFP) for each proposed grant or series of grants. The RFP must specify the following:

  (1) the purpose and objective of the proposed grant or grants;

  (2) the agency's authority to offer and award the proposed grant or grants;

  (3) the applicable recipient eligibility requirements;

  (4) the grant recipient activities allowable or required to be performed;

  (5) the anticipated start date and end date of the proposed grant or grants;

  (6) the recipient selection criteria to be used;

  (7) an indication as to whether the agency expects to award more than one grant, and if so how the recipient selection criteria provide for selection of multiple recipients;

  (8) instructions concerning materials and information required to be submitted by potential grant recipients, including layout and format, required signatures, and number of copies;

  (9) the submission deadline and the required address or delivery location for proposals;

  (10) information as to whether grant recipients will be required to contribute matching funds, or other labor or material resources, as a condition of receiving a grant;

  (11) information as to whether, and if so how, the executive director proposes to adjust or waive any RFP-contained matching funds requirement as authorized under Texas Government Code, §783.009, Matching Fund Waiver for Economically Disadvantaged County or Census Track;

  (12) information as to how grant payments will be made;

  (13) information concerning requests for additional, pre-submittal information;

  (14) the time and location of any pre-submittal meetings, together with an indication as to whether attendance is mandatory; and

  (15) a requirement that successful recipients must enter into a signed grant agreement or contract with the agency following award announcement.

(b) RFPs may indicate the amount of grant funding available to be awarded, but are not required to do so.

Source Note: The provisions of this §14.7 adopted to be effective August 20, 2000, 25 TexReg 7720

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