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RULE §37.1Control and Eradication

(a) Any area, county, or part of a county within the state which has been determined to be infested with screwworms may be quarantined when deemed necessary by the Texas Animal Health Commission.

(b) All livestock or any animals that are susceptible to screwworm infestation and fowl leaving an area quarantined for screwworm infestation must be accompanied by an inspection certificate issued by personnel designated by the Texas Animal Health Commission, certifying that the animals are free from screwworms and screwworm fly eggs and wounds.

  (1) Any livestock or any animals that are susceptible to screwworm infestation or fowl which are determined to have open wounds must be restrained for the purpose of having these wounds treated with a remedy approved by the executive director. The inspection certificate must state the date and method of treatment.

  (2) In addition to the treatment of wounds, all animals other than lactating dairy animals and young animals under two weeks of age must be sprayed with a spray approved by the executive director.

(c) Any animals that are susceptible to screwworm infestation are to be removed from the shipment, and will be permitted to leave the quarantined area only after any wounds have been determined to be free of screwworms, or the animal has been treated by an agent of the Texas Animal Health Commission. An agent of the commission will issue a certificate certifying that such animals are free of screwworms.

  (1) Animals with open wounds from castrating, dehorning, or other causes must be inspected and treated at the point of origin and may be held at the quarantine line until wounds are individually treated and the animal is certified as being free of danger of screwworm infestation.

  (2) Shipments of animals with open wounds are made at the owner's or hauler's risk and the owner and hauler are responsible for any costs incurred because of the treatment required by these regulations.

(d) Any shipment of livestock or any animals that are susceptible to screwworm infestation which are transported to the screwworm quarantine line without inspection and treatment as required in this regulation must be unloaded, inspected, and treated as required by these regulations prior to crossing the screwworm quarantine line.

(e) All livestock trucks, trailers, railroad cars, or other vehicles which have carried livestock or fowl within a quarantined area within two weeks prior to leaving the quarantined area must be cleaned and disinfected under the supervision of Texas Animal Health Commission personnel before leaving the area.

(f) The commission, at its discretion, may check the movement of any animals or fowl leaving the quarantined area and determine that all animals and fowl have been inspected and treated as required. When such inspection stations are established, all trucks or vehicles which have hauled animals or fowl in the quarantined area within the last two weeks and are leaving the quarantined area must obtain clearance at one of these inspection stations.

(g) Representatives of the Texas Animal Health Commission and the United States Department of Agriculture are authorized to inspect, treat, and spray as necessary any animals or fowl at any public or private premise within the state in order to effect screwworm eradication.

Source Note: The provisions of this §37.1 adopted to be effective November 1, 1993, 18 TexReg 7157.

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