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RULE §295.61Operations: Notifications

(a) General provision. The Texas Department of Health (department) shall be notified on a form specified by the department of any asbestos abatement activity, renovation or operations and maintenance (O&M) activity affecting asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM), or any demolition in facilities or public buildings. Notification shall be made to the department no less than ten working days (not calendar days) prior to commencement of the activity and shall be submitted on the form specified by the department. It is a requirement that the department notification form be filled out completely and properly. Blanks which do not apply shall be marked N/A. The designation of N/A will not be accepted for references requiring identification of the work site, building description, building owner, abatement and transportation companies, individuals required to be identified on the notification form, or start and completion dates in compliance with 40 CFR §61.145, and this section. National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) requirements apply equally to both the NESHAP and Texas Asbestos Health Protection Act (TAHPA) notification requirements. An original signature is required on each notification form. A copied signature is not acceptable. An invoice for the required fee for notifications will be sent from the department to the building owner.

  (1) Public buildings. The department shall be notified of any demolition of a public building whether or not asbestos has been identified. The department shall be notified of other abatement projects, disturbances, or renovations involving the abatement of any amount of asbestos within a public building.

  (2) Facilities. For all facilities which are not otherwise subject to this title as public buildings, the department shall be notified of any demolition of a facility, whether or not asbestos has been identified. The department shall be notified of any abatement project, disturbance, or renovation involving the abatement of asbestos within a facility, as required by and in accordance with NESHAP.

(b) Responsibility for Proper Notification. It is the responsibility of the facility owner and/or operator to notify the department under this section. In a public building, this task may be delegated to the owner's agent such as a licensed asbestos abatement contractor or consultant and must be delegated in writing. In a demolition where a licensed abatement contractor or consultant is not required, the task may be delegated in writing to the demolition contractor or other agent. The notification must be filed on the form specified by the department. The notification shall have all information completed with no blocks left blank. The facility owner, and the agent to whom the task of notification has been delegated, are jointly and severally responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the notification.

(c) Timeliness of notification. Written notifications of asbestos abatement activity or demolition must be hand delivered, express mailed, or postmarked at least 10 working days (not calendar days) before asbestos abatement or any other activity begins that will disturb asbestos. Notifications must be delivered by United States Postal Service, commercial delivery service, or by hand delivery. Telephone facsimile (FAX) is not permitted.

(d) Start-date change to later date. When asbestos abatement activity, demolition, renovation or O&M will begin later than the date contained in the notice, the department shall:

  (1) be notified (Asbestos Programs Branch or Regional Office) of the changed start date by telephone as soon as possible but prior to the original start date. An amended notification is required in writing immediately following the foregoing notification; and

  (2) be provided with a written notice of the new start date as soon as possible before, but no later than the original start date. Delivery of the updated notice by the United States Postal Service, commercial delivery service, or hand delivery is acceptable.

(e) Start-date change to earlier date. When asbestos abatement, demolition, renovation, or O&M will begin on a date earlier than the date contained in the notice, the department shall be provided with a written notice of the new start date at least ten working days before the start of work.

(f) Start-date/stop-date (completion date) requirement. In no event shall asbestos abatement, demolition, operations and maintenance (O&M), or renovation, as covered by this section, begin or be completed on a date other than the date contained in the written notice except for operation covered under subsection (g) of this section. Amendments to start date changes are to be submitted as required in subsections (d) and (e) of this section. An amendment is required for any stop dates which change by more than one work day for each week (seven calendar day period) for which the project has been scheduled and notification submitted. The building owner, or his/her delegated agent, shall provide schedule changes to the department no less than 24 hours prior to the change or completion of the project. Changes less than 10 days in advance shall be confirmed with the regional office telephonically and followed up in writing to the central office located in Austin, Texas.

(g) Consolidated notifications of small operations. Notifications involving a series of small, separate asbestos O&M or abatement operations (each less than 160 square feet or 260 linear feet or 35 cubic feet in size) may be combined by listing the information on a single notification form. Predict the combined additive amount of asbestos to be removed or stripped during a calendar year of January 1 through December 31. If the total amount is less than one asbestos reporting unit per subsection (j) of this section, and the facility is not a public building, a notification is not required. If the facility is a public building, a notification is required for any amount. The department shall be notified at least 10 working days (not calendar days) before the end of the calendar year preceding the year for which notice is being given.

  (1) The building owner shall keep records of the individual O&M projects in an O&M manual. An amendment of the annual notification shall be submitted if the amount of asbestos that is abated surpasses that amount of asbestos that was predicted in the original notification by 20%. Fees will be based upon the annual notification and any amendments. The fee that is calculated for the amended notification will only be for the amount of asbestos (number of ARUs) that increased from the original notification. The $55 administrative fee will not be reassessed.

  (2) The department during a routine inspection shall review the O&M manual for the amount of asbestos that has been abated and compare the amount to the amount estimated on the annual notification. If the amount of asbestos that has been abated exceeds the amount estimated in the annual notification by more than 20%, the notification will be improper.

(h) Provision for emergency. In the event of emergency renovations made necessary by an unexpected or unplanned asbestos incident, notification will be made as soon as practicable, but not later than the following work day after the occurrence of the incident. Initial notification can be made by telephone, followed by formal notification on the department's notification form. Emergencies shall be documented to the extent that the need for the emergency is evident. An emergency renovation operation means a renovation operation that was not planned, but results from a sudden, unexpected event. This event, if not immediately attended to, presents a public health or safety hazard, and is necessary to protect equipment from damage, or is necessary to avoid imposing an unreasonable financial burden. This term includes operations necessitated by non-routine failures of equipment. This term does not include immediate renovations resulting solely from a lack of adequate planning for foreseeable asbestos abatement activity.

(i) Demolition notifications. The department shall be notified of all demolitions regardless of size. If the facility is being demolished under an order of a state or local government agency, issued because the facility is structurally unsound and in danger of imminent collapse, then the department notification must be delivered as early as possible before, but not later than, the following working day of the commencement of demolition. The judgment that a structure is in danger of imminent collapse or that it is unsafe for anyone to enter shall be made by a professional engineer, registered architect, or government official. Emergencies shall be documented to the extent that the need for the emergency is evident. Public health and safety or unavoidable economic concerns are the qualifications for an emergency rather than expediency.

(j) Asbestos notification fees.

  (1) Applicability. The building owner shall remit to the department a fee that is based upon the amount of asbestos removed.

  (2) Payment. An invoice for the required fee will be sent to the building owner after the notification has been received by the department. Fee amounts, address, and fund numbers are included on the form. Payment must be remitted in the manner instructed on the invoice. The facility owner is responsible for the payment of the required notification fee. The task may be delegated to an agent but the facility owner is solely responsible for timely and sufficient payment.

  (3) Basis for fees. The fees shall be based on the total amount of the regulated asbestos-containing material (RACM) reported to be removed as defined in 40 CFR §61.141 or asbestos-containing building material (ACBM) reported to be removed as defined in §295.31(c) of this title (relating to General Provisions) and notified in accordance with §295.34(f) of this title (relating to Asbestos Management in Facilities and Public Buildings), and subsection (a) of this section. The fee shall be calculated at the rate of $30 per asbestos reporting unit (ARU). The number of ARUs associated with the removal activity is determined by dividing the number of linear feet by 260, the number of square feet by 160, and the number of cubic feet by 35 and adding these individual results. The sum of this addition, minus any fraction, shall then be multiplied by the $30 rate to calculate the notification fee. The minimum fee shall be a $55 administration fee per original notification. The maximum fee shall be $3,210 per notification, except for schools, which shall be $320 per notification. The fee shall be assessed only for the amount of asbestos to be removed. If no asbestos is removed or if the amount of asbestos removed is less than two ARUs, only the minimum administrative fee shall be assessed. Annual notifications of maintenance activities subject to 40 CFR, Part 61, Subpart M and subsection (g) of this section, are included in the fee requirement. If less than the reported amount will be removed, a notification amendment should be provided to the department no later than five working days following the completion of the project. A refund request must be sent with the amended notification. A new invoice will be sent to the building owner which will reflect a new fee based upon the actual amount of asbestos that was removed. If the fee has been paid, refunds will be made, when appropriate, minus a $55 administrative fee. Revision of the form will require an additional fee only if the amount of reportable asbestos to be removed is increased.

  (4) Nonpayment of fees. Failure to pay the required fee after an invoice has been sent shall be considered a violation and may subject the building owner to administrative penalties as listed in §295.70 of this title (relating to Compliance: Administrative Penalty). The building owner and his agent may also be subject to criminal penalties if applicable. Governmental organizations may submit a copy of the interagency transfer document or a statement that a check has been requested and is in processing. Payment must then be received no later than 60 working days following date of the invoice.

Source Note: The provisions of this §295.61 adopted to be effective October 20, 1992, 17 TexReg 6901; amended to be effective September 22, 1994, 19 TexReg 7098; amended to be effective December 13, 1998, 23 TexReg 12353; amended to be effective June 13, 1999, 24 TexReg 4235; amended to be effective March 27, 2003, 28 TexReg 2549; amended to be effective February 1, 2006, 31 TexReg 400

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