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RULE §17.401Shrimp Marketing Assistance Program and Advisory Committee

(a) The Texas shrimp marketing assistance program is established in the department to promote and market the Texas wild-caught shrimping industry, and to educate the public about Texas-produced shrimp.

(b) The department's responsibilities under this subchapter are as follows.

  (1) The department's marketing and promotion division shall administer the Texas shrimp marketing assistance program.

  (2) The department shall administer and implement the program as follows.

    (A) In consultation with the advisory committee, the department shall adopt rules as necessary to implement the program.

    (B) The department may accept grants, gifts, and gratuities from any source, including any governmental entity, any private or public corporation, and any other person, in furtherance of the program.

    (C) The department may not expend more than two percent of the annual program budget on out-of-state travel.

  (3) The department shall promote and advertise the Texas wild-caught shrimping industry via the program as follows:

    (A) develop and maintain a database of Texas shrimp wholesalers that sell Texas-produced shrimp;

    (B) operate a toll-free telephone number to:

      (i) receive inquiries from persons who wish to purchase Texas-produced shrimp; and

      (ii) make information about the Texas wild-caught shrimping industry available to the public;

    (C) develop a shrimp industry marketing plan to increase the consumption of Texas-produced shrimp;

    (D) educate the public about Texas-produced shrimp by providing publicity about the information in the program's database to the public and make the information available to the public through the department's toll-free telephone number and electronically through the Internet;

    (E) promote the Texas shrimp industry; and

    (F) promote, market, and educate consumers about Texas-produced shrimp, using any other method the commissioner determines appropriate.

(c) The committee's responsibilities under this subchapter are as follows.

  (1) The committee shall be composed of the following nine members appointed by the Commissioner:

    (A) two owners of commercial bay shrimp boats;

    (B) two owners of commercial gulf shrimp boats;

    (C) one retail wild-caught shrimp dealer;

    (D) one wholesale wild-caught shrimp dealer;

    (E) one person employed by an institution of higher education as a researcher or instructor specializing in the area of food science, particularly seafood;

    (F) one member of the seafood restaurant industry; and

    (G) one representative of the public.

  (2) Committee members serve without compensation, but may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the direct performance of their duties on approval by the commissioner.

  (3) Five members of the committee constitute a quorum sufficient to conduct the meetings and business of the committee.

  (4) The committee shall assist the commissioner in establishing and implementing the Texas Shrimp Marketing Assistance Program and in the expenditure of funds appropriated for the purpose of this subchapter.

  (5) The committee may advise the department on the adoption of rules relating to the administration of the Texas Shrimp Marketing Assistance Program.

  (6) A committee member serves a three-year term, with the terms of three or four members expiring August 31 of each year. The commissioner may reappoint a member to the advisory committee.

  (7) The members of the advisory committee shall elect a presiding officer from among the members and shall adopt rules governing the operation of the committee.

  (8) The advisory committee shall meet as necessary, but not less frequently that once each calendar year, to provide guidance to the commissioner in establishing and implementing the program.

Source Note: The provisions of this §17.401 adopted to be effective November 23, 2003, 28 TexReg 10433; amended to be effective September 1, 2009, 34 TexReg 5671

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