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RULE §54.5Program Requirements

(a) Testing:

  (1) Chickens, turkeys, game birds of all ages, and other domestic fowl offered for public sale shall meet the requirements as provided in §57.11(c) of this title.

  (2) Chickens, turkeys, and game birds, and other domestic fowl entering Texas from other states shall be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection from the state of origin, and meet the requirements for a pullorum-typhoid test as provided for in §57.11(e) of this title and Avian Influenza test as provided in §51.15(b) of this title.

  (3) If the agency determines there is exposure to a disease or an agent of transmission of a disease the executive director may require testing under §54.7 of this chapter

(b) Inspection: The Commission may make inspections of any premises or vehicle and the domestic or exotic fowl therein and review records to ensure compliance with the requirements of the fowl registration program.

(c) Biosecurity:

  (1) Sanitation--Registrants shall maintain facilities where fowl are kept in clean and sanitary conditions. If there is excessive die off fowl, the facility housing the fowl shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning and disinfection shall include removal of organic material, thoroughly washed with soap and water followed by disinfection with a disinfectant approved by the commission.

  (2) Infection with or exposure to any disease, which is reportable to the Commission under provisions of §45.2 of this title, shall be reported immediately to the Commission.

  (3) At sales locations fowl shall be kept confined until final disposition and removal from sales site.

Source Note: The provisions of this §54.5 adopted to be effective May 1, 2004, 29 TexReg 2628

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