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RULE §184.13Physician Supervision

(a) Supervision shall be continuous, and shall require that the delegating physician be physically present and immediately available in the operating room to personally respond to any emergency until the patient is released from the operating room and care has been transferred to another physician. Telecommunication is insufficient for supervision purposes.

(b) It is the obligation of each team of physician(s) and surgical assistant(s) to ensure that:

  (1) the surgical assistant's scope of practice is identified;

  (2) delegation of medical tasks is appropriate to the surgical assistant's level of competence;

  (3) the relationship between the members of the team is defined;

  (4) that the relationship of, and access to, the supervising physician is defined;

  (5) a process for evaluation of the surgical assistant's performance is established; and

  (6) the physician and surgical assistant comply with the provisions of Chapter 193 of this title (relating to Standing Delegation Orders) when applicable.

Source Note: The provisions of this §184.13 adopted to be effective June 18, 2002, 27 TexReg 5205

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