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RULE §106.532Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water and wastewater treatment units are permitted by rule, provided the following conditions of this section are met.

  (1) The facility performs only the following functions:

    (A) disinfection;

    (B) softening;

    (C) filtration;

    (D) flocculation;

    (E) stabilization;

    (F) taste and odor control;

    (G) clarification;

    (H) carbonation;

    (I) sedimentation;

    (J) neutralization;

    (K) chlorine removal;

    (L) activated sludge treatment, anaerobic treatment, and associated control of gases from these treatments;

    (M) aerobic oxidation/biodegration using oxygen or peroxide in the absence of nitrogen or other gas that would cause stripping of volaltile organic compounds (VOC) from the water;

    (N) stripping VOC, ammonia, or other air contaminants from the water with air or other gas, provided the stripped gases are controlled with an abatement system that meets the requirements of §106.533(5) of this title (relating to Water and Soil Remediation). For ammonia or hydrogen chloride (HCl) or other acid gas emissions, abatement may include a water or caustic scrubbing system as a means of complying with this section. Final emissions of HCl resulting from combustion of chlorine or chlorine-containing compounds shall not exceed 0.1 pounds per hour;

    (O) liquid phase separation of VOC and water in which:

      (i) the sum of the partial pressures of all species of VOC in any sample is less than 1.5 psia; or

      (ii) the separator is enclosed and emissions are vented through an emission abatement system meeting the requirements specified previously for stripped VOC and ammonia;

  (2) Chlorine or sulfur dioxide (SO 2) shall be used only in containers approved by the United States Department of Transportation and emissions of chlorine or SO2 from treatment of water or decontamination of equipment at any water treatment plant shall not exceed ten tons per year.

  (3) The following shall not be permitted by rule under this section:

    (A) gas stripping or aeration facilities where VOC or other air contaminants are stripped from water directly to the atmosphere;

    (B) disposal facilities using land surface treatment;

    (C) surface facilities associated with injection wells;

    (D) cooling towers in which VOC or other air contaminants may be stripped to the atmosphere.

Source Note: The provisions of this §106.532 adopted to be effective March 14, 1997, 22 TexReg 2439; amended to be effective September 4, 2000, 25 TexReg 8653

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