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RULE §3.54Storing and Reporting of Vehicles Removed from the Highways

(a) Removal and storage information. When any officer causes the removal and storage of any vehicle which has been abandoned or when the owner cannot be otherwise located to advise disposition he will inventory the vehicle and notify the nearest department radio station, giving the following information:

  (1) year, make, and model of vehicle;

  (2) license number and state of issue;

  (3) vehicle identification number-secured by actual inspection of the vehicle;

  (4) date stored;

  (5) where stored--name of garage and city;

  (6) apparent condition when stored--running condition, wrecked, burned, etc.;

  (7) reason for storing--abandoned, wrecked, etc.; and

  (8) any limitations on release to proper person.

(b) Recording of storage information. Immediately upon receipt of the information required in subsection (a) of this section, the radio operator will record the information on the automobile storage log, or on an equivalent form.

(c) Owner not located. When the owner of the vehicle cannot be located through the usual methods within 24 hours the following procedures are prescribed.

  (1) It is the responsibility of the supervisor, police communications facility of the station concerned, to have prepared the necessary number of copies of notice of stored vehicle to:

    (A) mail one copy to the registered owner within 24 hours, using the name and address shown on the registration records;

    (B) mail one copy to the lien holder, if any, within 24 hours, using the name and address of the lien holder shown on the title records; and

    (C) send one copy to the officer storing the vehicle, using the most practical means under the circumstances.

  (2) Supervisor, police communications facility, will take the following actions as required.

    (A) When the owner or lien holder contacts the radio station seeking information he will be given the information contained in the automobile storage log which may relate to his vehicle.

    (B) When the owner or lien holder gives specific instructions for the disposition of the vehicle this information will be given to the officer storing the vehicle, by the most practical means.

    (C) When the post office returns the owner's copy of notice of stored vehicle as unclaimed, it will be sent to the officer storing the vehicle.

    (D) When the lien holder advises the lien has been released, the information will be sent to the officer storing the vehicle, by the most practical means.

(d) Responsibility of officer storing vehicle.

  (1) When it becomes apparent that all efforts to locate the owner have failed, the officer storing the vehicle will advise his immediate superior of the facts and circumstances of the case and ask for further instructions.

  (2) In locations where department radio stations are so remote as to make it unreasonable or impossible to comply with the instructions herein, the officer concerned and his immediate supervisor will work out the most practical substitute procedure for the particular location.

  (3) Responsibility for final disposition of the stored vehicle remains with the officer having said vehicle removed and stored. When no disposition can be made with the vehicle using the above procedure, it will be processed in compliance with the Abandoned Motor Vehicle Act.

Source Note: The provisions of this §3.54 adopted to be effective January 1, 1976

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