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RULE §217.81Labeling

(a) All bottles, containers and packages containing "milk" or "milk products" defined in §217.1 of this title (relating to Definitions) shall be labeled in accordance with the Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Subchapter B-Food for Human Consumption. In addition, except milk tank trucks, storage tanks and cans of raw milk from individual dairy farms, they shall be conspicuously marked with:

  (1) The identity of the milk plant where pasteurized, ultra-pasteurized, aseptically processed, condensed and/or dried.

  (2) The words "keep refrigerated after opening" for aseptically processed milk and milk products.

  (3) The common name of the hooved mammal producing the milk shall precede the name of the milk or milk product when the product is from or is made from other than cattle's milk such as "Goat," "Sheep," "Water Buffalo," or "Other Hooved Mammal" milk or milk products respectively.

  (4) The word "reconstituted" or "recombined" if the product is made by reconstitution or recombination.

  (5) A code or lot number identifying the contents with a specific date, run, or batch of the product, and the quantity of the contents of the container.

(b) All vehicles and milk tank trucks containing milk or milk products shall be legibly marked with the name and address of the milk plant or hauler in possession of the contents. Milk tank trucks transporting raw, heat-treated or pasteurized milk and milk products to a milk plant from another milk plant, receiving station or transfer station are required to be marked with the name and address of the milk plant or hauler and shall be sealed. In addition, for each such shipment, a shipping statement shall be prepared containing at least the following information:

  (1) shipper's name, address and permit number on the weight ticket or manifest;

  (2) permit identification of hauler, if not an employee of the shipper;

  (3) point of origin of shipment;

  (4) tanker identification number;

  (5) name of product;

  (6) weight of product;

  (7) temperature of product when loaded;

  (8) date of shipment;

  (9) name of supervising Regulatory Agency at the point of origin of shipment;

  (10) whether the contents are raw, pasteurized, or in the case of cream, low fat or skim milk, whether it has been heat-treated;

  (11) seal number on inlet, outlet, wash connections and vents; and

  (12) grade of product.

(c) All cans of raw milk from individual dairy farms shall be identified by the name or number of the individual milk producer. Each milk tank truck containing milk shall be accompanied by documentation, weigh ticket or manifest.

Source Note: The provisions of this §217.81 adopted to be effective July 4, 2010, 35 TexReg 3038

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