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RULE §131.65Disaster Preparedness/Emergency and Contingency Planning

(a) A facility shall implement written procedures which describe staff and patient actions to manage potential medical and nonmedical emergencies, including but not limited to fire, equipment failure, power outages, medical emergencies, and natural or other disasters which are likely to threaten the health, welfare, or safety of facility patients, the staff, or the public.

(b) A facility shall have a functional plan to access the community emergency medical services.

(c) A written disaster preparedness plan for natural and other disasters specific to each facility shall be developed and in place. The plan shall be based on an assessment of the probability and type of disaster in each region and the local resources available to the facility.

  (1) Contact shall be made annually with a local disaster management representative Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to assess the need to revise the plan and to ensure that local agencies are aware of the facility, its provision of life-saving treatment, and the patient population served.

  (2) The plan shall include procedures designed to minimize harm to patients and staff along with ensuring safe facility operations. The plan and in-service programs for patients and staff shall include provisions or procedures for responsibility of direction and control, communications, alerting and warning systems, evacuation, and closure. Each staff member employed by or under contract with the facility shall be able to demonstrate their role or responsibility to implement the facility's disaster preparedness plan. The facility shall designate a person to monitor and coordinate disaster preparedness activities. The facility shall maintain documentation of the monitoring and coordination of disaster preparedness activities.

  (3) The plan shall address the continuity of essential building systems including emergency power and water, or a contract with another licensed facility to provide emergency contingency care to patients to meet the requirements of §131.121 of this title (relating to Fire Prevention, Protection, and Emergency Contingency Plan).

(d) A facility shall post a telephone number listing specific to the facility equipment and locale to assist staff in contacting mechanical and technical support in the event of an emergency.

Source Note: The provisions of this §131.65 adopted to be effective June 1, 2010, 35 TexReg 4400

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