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RULE §21.104Requirement of Identification of Policy or Insurer

(a) An advertisement must identify the person or entity responsible for the advertisement.

  (1) The full licensed name of the insurer is required to be stated in each of its invitation to inquire and invitation to contract advertisements, including the portion of the advertisement to be returned to the insurer or agent, unless the portion to be returned is delivered as a form detachable from another form containing the insurer's full licensed name. The full licensed name must appear at or before the first appearance of any shortened or substitute name in the body of the text, which shortened or substitute name may be indicated as representing the insurer thereafter in the advertisement.

  (2) It is sufficient to state the full licensed name, assumed name registered with the department pursuant to §19.902 of this title (relating to One Agent, One License) or Texas agent's license number of the agent when advertisements address coverages in general and do not describe a specific policy or coverages of a particular insurer.

(b) An advertisement other than institutional, may not use a trade name, any insurance group designation, name of the parent company of the insurer, name of a particular division of the insurer, service mark, slogan, symbol, or other device which without disclosing the name of the actual insurer would have the capacity and tendency to mislead or deceive a prospective purchaser as to the true identity of the insurer, or its relation with public or private institutions.

(c) No advertisement may use a combination of words, symbols, or physical materials which by their content, phraseology, shape, color, or other characteristics are so similar to combinations of words, symbols, or physical material normally or usually used by agencies of the federal government or of this state, or that otherwise appear to be of such a nature that the advertisement or solicitation has the capacity or tendency to confuse or mislead prospective insureds into believing that such advertisement or solicitation is connected with an agency of the municipal, state, or federal government.

(d) All advertisements, other than institutional, must explicitly and conspicuously disclose that the product concerned is property, life or other insurance, an annuity, HMO coverage, a life settlement contract, or a prepaid legal services contract, on the basis that each of these products are classified or addressed by statute or rule or as the products are filed with the department. It is sufficient for an insurer to use the term "PPO plan" in advertisements when referring to a preferred provider benefit plan offered under Insurance Code Chapter 1301.

(e) An advertisement that is intended to be seen or heard beyond the limits of the jurisdiction in which the insurer is licensed may not imply licensing beyond those limits.

(f) An advertisement may not contain statements that avoid a clear and unequivocal statement that insurance or an annuity or HMO coverage is the subject matter of the solicitation.

(g) An advertisement that contains an application and is advertising more than one policy shall be presented in such manner as to clearly reflect that the cost and benefits are applicable to separate policies of insurance.

(h) No advertisement by an insurer or agent may be used that, directly or by implication, has the capacity and tendency to mislead or deceive prospective purchasers with respect to an insurer's assets, corporate structure, financial standing, age or relative position in the insurance business, or in any other material respect.

(i) Multiple insurers may be represented in one advertisement, provided that an invitation to inquire or invitation to contract advertisement must clearly identify the issuer of each product advertised and the advertisement discloses that each insurer has sole financial responsibility for its own products.

Source Note: The provisions of this §21.104 adopted to be effective February 1, 1981, 5 TexReg 3336; amended to be effective December 9, 2007, 32 TexReg 8830; amended to be effective April 26, 2021, 46 TexReg 2825; amended to be effective November 7, 2021, 46 TexReg 7408

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