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RULE §128.5Average Weekly Wage Calculation for Seasonal Employees

(a) A seasonal employee is an employee who as a regular course of conduct engages in seasonal or cyclical employment which may or may not be agricultural in nature, that does not continue throughout the year.

(b) The average weekly wage used to determine temporary income benefits for seasonal employees shall be determined according to the procedure described in §128.3(d) or (e) of this title (relating to Average Weekly Wage Calculation for Full-Time Employees, and for Temporary Income Benefits for All Employees), subject to the periodic adjustment described in this rule.

(c) The average weekly wage for computing temporary income benefits may be increased or decreased to more accurately reflect the seasonal nature of the employment, if such an adjustment would more accurately reflect the wages the employee could reasonably have expected to earn during the period that temporary income benefits are paid. Evidence of earnings shall be submitted at the time an adjustment is requested. The evidence should include proof of the employee's earnings in corresponding time periods of previous years. In case of a dispute, the commission shall set a benefit review conference to consider whether an adjustment should be made.

(d) The average weekly wage used to determine impairment income benefits, lifetime income benefits, supplemental income benefits, or death benefits for a seasonal employee shall be calculated by:

  (1) adding together the total wages received by the employee in the 12 months preceding the date of injury and dividing the result by 50; or

  (2) if it is impractical to compute the average weekly wage as provided by paragraph (1) of this subsection, another fair, just, and reasonable method as determined in a benefit review conference if requested by the person claiming income benefits or the insurance carrier.

Source Note: The provisions of this §128.5 adopted to be effective January 11, 1991, 16 TexReg 118.

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