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RULE §334.603Acceptable Operator Training and Certification Processes

(a) Training. Operator training must fulfill the training requirements described for each class of operator in §334.602 of this title (relating to Designation and Training of Classes of Operators). The following is a list of acceptable approaches to meet the operator training requirements.

  (1) Acceptable training for Class A and Class B operators. Class A and Class B operators must complete a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) approved operator training course or process that includes the information listed in §334.602(b)(1) or (2) of this title, respectively. Courses or processes may include in-person or on-line training performed by, contracted for, or approved by the TCEQ, and must include an evaluation of operator knowledge through testing, practical demonstration, or other tools deemed acceptable by the TCEQ. In order for a non-contracted provider to be approved by the agency, the provider of a training course or process must be sponsored by an association or industry organization recognized nationwide or statewide with regard to its affiliation with regulated petroleum underground storage tank (UST) systems. All providers will also be required to provide training documentation, including on-going maintenance of records of certified operators. Those records will be required to be accessible to the agency on an on-going basis.

  (2) Acceptable training for Class C operators.

    (A) Class B operators must provide training or ensure that the UST facility's Class C operators otherwise complete training in emergency procedures that includes the information listed in §334.602(b)(3) of this title. Class C operator training programs may include in-class, hands-on, on-line, or any other training format deemed acceptable by the Class B operator.

    (B) Class A and Class B operators must ensure that site-specific emergency procedures are maintained in an easily accessible location at the UST facility which is immediately available to the Class C operator, and that site-specific notices that include the location of emergency shut-off devices and appropriate emergency contact telephone numbers are posted in a prominent area at the UST facility that is easily visible to the Class C operator. For the purposes of this subsection, the phrase "easily accessible location" means located in a place and manner that allows a Class C operator quick and immediate access to site-specific emergency procedures.

(b) Certification. Operators are considered certified operators after successfully completing one of the training processes listed in subsection (a) of this section.

  (1) Class A and Class B operators. Approved training providers must provide verification to all Class A and Class B operators who have successfully completed training, in the form of a written or printable electronic training certificate stating the classification and the date it was obtained. Owners and operators must ensure that training certificates are maintained at each facility, with copies of initial or new certificates provided to the TCEQ at the time that annual self-certification is required for that facility.

  (2) Class C operators. A designated Class B operator for a given facility must provide the facility owner or operator with signed and dated written verification in the form of a list of all Class C operators who have been trained for that facility, which includes the date of that training. Owners and operators must ensure that a current and correct list of trained Class C operators is maintained at each facility.

Source Note: The provisions of this §334.603 adopted to be effective March 17, 2011, 36 TexReg 1675; amended to be effective May 31, 2018, 43 TexReg 3390

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