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RULE §221.5Acceptable certification examinations

The Board shall determine whether a certification examination may be used to satisfy a requirement for APRN licensure under this chapter based upon the following standards:

  (1) The certification program is national in the scope of its credentialing;

  (2) Conditions for taking the certification examination are consistent with acceptable standards of the testing community and are intended to ensure minimal competence to practice at an advanced level of nursing;

  (3) Education requirements are consistent with the requirements of the APRN role and population focus area;

  (4) The standard methodologies used are acceptable to the testing community, such as incumbent job analysis studies and logical job analysis studies;

  (5) Certification examinations are accredited by a national accreditation body as acceptable by the Board;

  (6) The examination represents entry-level practice, with minimum, though critical competencies in the APRN role and population focus area;

  (7) The examination represents the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential for the delivery of safe and effective advanced nursing care to patients;

  (8) Examination items are reviewed for content validity, cultural bias, and correct scoring using an established mechanism, both before use and periodically;

  (9) Examinations are evaluated for psychometric performance;

  (10) The passing standard is established using acceptable psychometric methods and is re-evaluated periodically;

  (11) Examination security is maintained through established procedures;

  (12) Certification is issued based upon passing the examination and meeting all other certification requirements;

  (13) A retake policy is in place;

  (14) A certification maintenance/recertification program that includes review of qualifications and continued competence is in place;

  (15) Mechanisms are in place for communication to the Board of timely verification of an individual's certification status, changes in certification status, and changes in the certification program, including qualifications, test plan, and scope of practice; and

  (16) An evaluation process is in place to provide quality assurance in the certification program.

Source Note: The provisions of this §221.5 adopted to be effective February 27, 2019, 44 TexReg 833

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