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RULE §73.60Standards of Conduct for Engaging in Electrical Work

(a) Competency. The licensee shall be knowledgeable of and adhere to the Act, the rules, applicable codes, and all procedures established by the department for licensees. It is the obligation of the licensee to exercise reasonable judgment and skill in the performance of all duties and work performed as a licensee.

(b) Integrity. A licensee shall be honest and trustworthy in the performance of all duties and work performed as a licensee, and shall avoid misrepresentation and deceit in any fashion, whether by acts of commission or omission. Acts or practices that constitute threats, coercion, or extortion are prohibited.

(c) Interest. The primary interest of the licensee is to ensure compliance with the Act, the rules, and all applicable codes. The licensee's position, in this respect, should be clear to all parties concerned while in the performance of all duties and work performed as a licensee.

(d) Specific Rules of Conduct. A licensee shall not:

  (1) participate, whether alone or in concert with others, in any plan, scheme, or arrangement attempting or having as its purpose the evasion of any provision of the Act, the rules, or the standards adopted by the commission;

  (2) furnish inaccurate, deceitful, or misleading information to the department, a consumer, or other person while engaged in the business of electrical contracting, electrical sign contracting, or residential appliance installation contracting, or performing, or offering to perform non-exempt electrical work; or

  (3) engage in any activity that constitutes dishonesty, misrepresentation, or fraud while performing as a licensee.

Source Note: The provisions of this §73.60 adopted to be effective January 1, 2010, 34 TexReg 9433; amended to be effective March 15, 2012, 37 TexReg 1703

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