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RULE §91.53Out-of-Cycle Inspections

(a) Out-of-cycle inspections are those required in addition to periodic inspections required under §91.52 for licensed facilities to ensure compliance with this chapter.

(b) To determine which licensee will be subject to out-of-cycle inspections, the department has established criteria and frequencies for inspections.

(c) The owner of the facility shall pay the fee required under §91.80 for each out-of-cycle inspection.

(d) Facilities subject to out-of-cycle inspections may be scheduled for inspection based on the following risk criteria and inspection frequency:

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(e) At the time of inspection of a licensee, the owner, manager, or their representative must, upon request, make available to the inspector, records, notices and other documents required by this chapter.

(f) On completion of the out-of-cycle inspection and while at the facility, the inspector shall leave with the licensee or representative of licensee a preliminary report on a form approved by the department listing the items not meeting the requirements of this chapter. The preliminary report required by this section is in addition to the completed report required by this chapter and does not affect the validity of the completed detailed report.

(g) The inspection report will identify violations that must be corrected by the licensee. The report will also indicate the corrective actions required to address the violations. Additionally, the department may assess administrative penalties and/or administrative sanctions for violations identified during the out-of-cycle inspection.

(h) Facilities on a Tier 1 out-of-cycle inspection schedule that have two inspections with no violations or Tier 2 out-of-cycle inspection schedule that have three inspections with no violations may be moved to a less frequent out-of-cycle inspection schedule or returned to a periodic schedule of inspections. The department will notify the licensee, in writing, if there is a change in the facility's out-of-cycle schedule or if the facility is returned to a periodic inspection schedule.

Source Note: The provisions of this §91.53 adopted to be effective May 1, 2012, 37 TexReg 3075

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