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RULE §19.712Advertisement

(a) As used in Insurance Code Chapter 4102, concerning Public Insurance Adjusters, "advertisement" includes:

  (1) printed and published material, audiovisual material and descriptive literature of a public insurance adjuster used in direct mail, newspapers, magazines, radio, telephone and television scripts, websites, billboards, and similar displays;

  (2) descriptive literature and promotional aids of all kinds issued by a public insurance adjuster for presentation to members of the public, including circulars, leaflets, booklets, depictions, illustrations, and form letters;

  (3) prepared promotional talks, presentations and materials for use by a public insurance adjuster, and those representations made on a recurring basis by a public insurance adjuster to members of the public;

  (4) material used to:

    (A) solicit contracts from insureds; or

    (B) modify existing contracts;

  (5) material included with a contract when the contract is delivered and materials used in the solicitation of contract renewals, extensions or reinstatements, except those extensions or reinstatements provided for in the contract;

  (6) lead card solicitations, defined as communications distributed to the public which, regardless of form, content, or stated purpose, are intended to result in the compilation or qualification of a list containing names or other personal information regarding insureds who have expressed a specific interest in obtaining assistance with having their claims settled, and which are intended to be used to solicit residents of this state for the execution of a contract for a public insurance adjuster's services; and

  (7) any other communication directly or indirectly related to a public insurance adjuster contract, and intended to result in the eventual execution of such a contract.

(b) "Advertisement" does not include:

  (1) communications or materials used within a public insurance adjuster's own organization, not used as promotional aids and not disseminated to the public;

  (2) communications with insureds other than materials soliciting insureds to enter, renew, extend or reinstate a contract for a public insurance adjuster's services; and

  (3) material used solely for the recruitment, training, and education of a public insurance adjuster's personnel and subcontractors, provided it is not also used to induce the public to enter, renew, extend or reinstate a contract for a public insurance adjuster's services.

Source Note: The provisions of this §19.712 adopted to be effective November 2, 2003, 28 TexReg 9274; amended to be effective June 19, 2023, 48 TexReg 3285

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