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RULE §400.5General Guidelines

(a) Funds awarded through the Adult Career Education (ACE) Grant Program are to be used as necessary to develop, support, or expand the workforce intermediary's normal programmatic operations, and at the same expense rates or charges allocated to other participants in the intermediary's normal program.

(b) Funds awarded through the ACE Grant Program shall be expended for authorized activities and may not be used for the purpose of funding political, lobby, or religious activities such as sectarian worship, instruction, or proselytization. This limitation, however, shall not be interpreted to prohibit Grantee from subcontracting for goods or services with any religious institution or entity.

(c) Applicants should be thorough in describing how grant funds will be administered and monitored.

(d) Grant awards may be awarded in installments as designated by the Grant Administrator.

(e) The Grant Administrator has complete discretion in determining whether all amounts will be awarded.

(f) Organizations must provide at least a 50% funding match, which may be obtained from any source available to the organization, including but not limited to in-kind contributions, community or foundation grants, individual contributions, federal or local governmental agency funds. The Grant Administrator may require organizations to demonstrate compliance with matching requirements to receive additional installments awarded under the grant. The minimum 50% funding match is specified in order to leverage state funds with funds from other sources obtained by workforce intermediary organizations.

(g) Indirect costs are assumed to be included in the normal programmatic costs and will not be provided separately. Such costs should be allocated at the same rate per participant as any other program participant. Variations may be considered overcharges upon program audit.

(h) Records must be maintained in an orderly manner to facilitate review and audit by the Grant Administrator's staff or its designee.

(i) Failure to achieve measures of success as described could result in early termination of the grant or affect future awards.

(j) Failure to sufficiently and accurately account for all grant expenditures and matching funds, or providing false or misleading information, will result in early termination of the grant or affect future awards.

(k) The Grant Administrator may request additional information at any time prior to awarding a grant in order to effectively evaluate any application.

(l) The Grant Administrator, or its designee, may audit the grant recipient's records at any time.

(m) Applications must be completed, including all attachments, and submitted by the deadline to be considered. All questions on the application must be completed. Supplemental materials may be submitted, but will not be accepted in lieu of responses to the individual questions on the application.

(n) In awarding grants under the Program, the Grant Administrator will take into consideration the recommendations of the Program Advisory Board.

(o) Applications must be submitted to the Grant Administrator on a form provided by the Grant Administrator.

Source Note: The provisions of this §400.5 adopted to be effective June 4, 2014, 39 TexReg 4250

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