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RULE §363.1307Pre-design Funding Option

(a) This loan application option will provide an eligible applicant that meets all applicable board requirements an alternative to secure a commitment and close a loan for the pre-design, design or construction costs associated with funding of a project under §363.1305 of this subchapter (relating to Use of Funds). Under this option, a loan may be closed and funds necessary to complete planning and design activities released. If planning requirements have not been satisfied, design and construction funds will be held or escrowed and released in the sequence described in this section. Following completion of planning activities and environmental assessment, the executive administrator may require the applicant to make changes in order to proceed with the project. If the portion of a project associated with funds in escrow cannot proceed, the loan recipient shall use the escrowed funds to redeem bonds purchased by the board in inverse order of maturity.

(b) Reservoir projects are eligible for a board commitment to fund planning, permitting, acquisition, and design costs under this option. Applicants for reservoir construction funds must complete planning, permitting, acquisition, and design before receiving a commitment to fund reservoir construction costs.

(c) The executive administrator may recommend to the board the use of this section if, based on available information, there appear to be no significant permitting, environmental, engineering, or financial issues associated with the project. An application for pre-design funding may be considered by the board despite a negative recommendation from the executive administrator.

(d) Applications for pre-design funding must include the following information:

  (1) for loans including construction cost, preliminary engineering feasibility report, which will include at minimum: a description and purpose of the project; area maps or drawings as necessary to fully locate the project area(s); a proposed project schedule; estimated project costs and budget including sources of funds; current and future populations and projected water needs and sources; and a discussion of known permitting, social or environmental issues which may affect the alternatives considered and the implementation of the proposed project;

  (2) contracts for engineering services, which may be in draft form;

  (3) evidence that an approved water conservation plan will be adopted prior to closing;

  (4) all information required in §363.12 of this chapter (relating to General, Legal and Fiscal Information); and

  (5) any additional information the executive administrator may request to complete evaluation of the application.

(e) After board commitment and completion of all closing and release prerequisites as specified in §363.42 of this chapter (relating to Loan Closing) and §363.43 of this chapter (relating to Release of Funds), funds will be released in the following sequence:

  (1) for planning and permitting costs, after receipt of executed contracts for the planning or permitting phase;

  (2) for acquisition and design costs, after receipt of executed contracts for the design phase and upon approval of an engineering feasibility report as specified in §363.13 of this chapter (relating to Preliminary Engineering Feasibility Report) and compliance with §363.14 of this chapter (relating to Environmental Assessment); and

  (3) for construction costs, after issuance of any applicable permits, and after bid documents are approved and executed construction documents are contingently awarded.

(f) The executive administrator will use preliminary environmental data provided by the applicant, as specified in subsection (d) of this section, together with information available to the executive administrator, and make a written report to the board on known or potential significant social or environmental concerns.

(g) The executive administrator will advise the board concerning projects that involve major economic or administrative impacts to the applicant resulting from environmentally related special mitigative or precautionary measures from an environmental assessment under §363.14 of this chapter.

Source Note: The provisions of this §363.1307 adopted to be effective November 26, 2014, 39 TexReg 9209; amended to be effective February 3, 2021, 46 TexReg 832

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