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RULE §146.4Certification of Training Programs

(a) Minimum eligibility requirements for training programs. The following requirements apply to organizations applying for certification:

  (1) physical location in Texas;

  (2) experience in training promotores or community health workers, health care professionals, or paraprofessionals and training experience within the past two years and related to the core competencies; and

  (3) affiliation with one or more instructors currently certified by the department.

(b) Application requirements for training programs. The department specifies the required information and documentation that an applicant shall complete and notifies the applicant if the application is incomplete.

(c) Application approval. The department approves an application which complies with the requirements set in policy and which properly documents applicant eligibility.

(d) Disapproved applications.

  (1) The department may disapprove an application if the applicant:

    (A) has not met the eligibility and application requirements set out in this chapter; or

    (B) has failed or refused to properly complete or submit required information or has knowingly presented false or misleading information in the application process.

  (2) If the department determines that an application should not be approved because it is incomplete, the department gives the applicant written notice of the reason for the disapproval and the opportunity for re-application.

  (3) An applicant whose application has been disapproved for a reason other than that it is incomplete may appeal the disapproval under the fair hearing procedures found in Chapter 1, Subchapter C of this title (relating to Fair Hearing Procedures).

(e) Changes of name and address. Training programs shall notify the department of changes in organization name, contact information, mailing address, or physical location within 30 calendar days after the change.

(f) Certificate.

  (1) Upon approval of the application, the department issues the training program a certificate with an expiration date and a certificate number.

  (2) The department replaces a lost, damaged, or destroyed certificate upon written request.

(g) Standards for the approval of certification and continuing education curricula. Training programs shall follow the guidelines set in policy regarding standards for certification and continuing education curricula for promotores or community health workers or instructors.

(h) Training program responsibilities. A training program shall:

  (1) submit an addendum, in a format specified by the department and in compliance with policy, when revising a current, certified curriculum;

  (2) ensure curricula are provided by a certified instructor, unless otherwise approved by the department;

  (3) provide training to promotores or community health workers or instructors as applicable to the training program's certifications that includes:

    (A) at least one certification course per year; and

    (B) at least one continuing education course per certification cycle;

  (4) report the names of persons to the department who have successfully completed the training program within seven business days of program completion in a format specified by the department; and

  (5) maintain an accurate record of each person's attendance and participation for not less than three years.

(i) Certificate renewal.

  (1) A training program shall renew the certificate every two years in accordance with policy. Failure to receive notification from the department before the expiration date will not excuse failure to file for renewal.

  (2) Failure to meet the requirements in subsection (h)(3) of this section shall result in denial of the certificate renewal.

(j) Late renewals.

  (1) A training program whose certificate has expired for not more than one year may renew the certificate by submitting to the department the completed renewal application. The training program shall not provide training for community health workers or instructors until the certificate has been renewed. A certificate not renewed within one year after expiration cannot be renewed.

  (2) A training program whose certification has been expired for more than one year must meet the requirements under subsection (a) of this section and apply for a new certificate.

(k) Right to inspect. The department reserves the right to inspect facilities and documentation and to monitor training programs.

Source Note: The provisions of this §146.4 adopted to be effective August 20, 2019, 44 TexReg 4317

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