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RULE §111.37Carpools, ADA, and Fleet Parking

(a) Car pools shall consist of at least three participating state employees working in the Capitol Complex, not having the same domicile, and who normally drive their vehicles to work.

  (1) A newly established car pool, meeting the requirements of this section as determined by the parking administration, shall be assigned a free reserved space as near as possible to the building in which they work, provided this would not result in the dislocation of any employee having a previously-assigned reserved space.

  (2) Responsibility for the car pool shall be given to a designated member of the car pool, whose identification as such shall be recorded in the parking records. Notice to the designated member for any purpose set out in these sections shall be deemed notice to all members of the car pool.

  (3) Only one vehicle in each car pool shall be parked in state lots or parking structures. Should two members of the same car pool need to drive their vehicles, the driver of the second vehicle must notify parking administration immediately upon arrival.

  (4) Assignment of a reserved space to a car pool shall result in the automatic forfeiture of any previous assignment to the members of the car pool. Subsequent departure of a car pool member or dissolution of the car pool itself will not restore any parking assignment previously forfeited by a member.

  (5) Departure of a car pool member will not cause automatic forfeiture of the car pool assignment unless the membership falls below three members and a new member cannot be found within 60 days to restore the car pool to the minimum qualifying number.

  (6) Dissolution of a car pool for any reason will not give the individual members any right to the priority space assigned to that car pool.

(b) Under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 29 Code of Federal Regulations Part 1630.2, a qualified employee with a disability will be authorized to park in a free handicap-designated parking space on a first come, first served basis.

(c) State Fleet Vehicles. Agencies housed in the Capitol Complex that have state owned or leased vehicles with exempt license plates will be provided a limited number of parking spaces in underutilized parking areas for a defined period of time. The number of fleet vehicles and the period of time each agency can store the vehicles in Capitol Complex parking lots and parking structures shall be determined through a Memorandum of Understanding between the board and each agency that has such fleet vehicles. State fleet vehicles:

  (1) must be prominently marked as State-owned or operated by having the agency name and/or logo displayed on the sides of the vehicle;

  (2) must have permanent exempt license plates; and

  (3) will not be required to have a Capitol Complex parking identification sticker.

Source Note: The provisions of this §111.37 adopted to be effective January 24, 2016, 41 TexReg 613

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