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RULE §213.31Cross-reference of Rights and Options Available to Licensees and Petitioners

Licensees subject to disciplinary action and petitioners seeking a determination of licensure eligibility have certain rights and options available to them in connection with these mechanisms. For example, licensees or petitioners have the right to request information in the Board's possession, including information favorable to licensee or petitioner, and the option to be represented by an attorney at their own expense. The following is a list of references to provisions of the Nursing Practice Act (Texas Occupations Code Annotated Chapter 301) and the Board's rules addressing these rights and options and related matters. Persons with matters before the Board should familiarize themselves with these provisions:

  (1) Section 301.257--Declaratory Order of License Eligibility;

  (2) Section 301.203--Records of Complaints;

  (3) Section 301. 204--General Rules Regarding Complaint Investigation and Disposition;

  (4) Section 301.464--Informal Proceedings;

  (5) Section 301.552--Monitoring of License Holder;

  (6) Section 301.452--Grounds for Disciplinary Action;

  (7) Section 301.453--Disciplinary Authority of Board; Methods of Discipline;

  (8) Section 301.457--Complaint and Investigation;

  (9) Section 301.159--Board Duties Regarding Complaints;

  (10) Section 301.463--Agreed Disposition;

  (11) Section 301.462--Voluntary Surrender of License;

  (12) Section 301.454--Notice and Hearing;

  (13) Section 301.458--Initiation of Formal Charges; Discovery;

  (14) Section 301.459--Formal Hearing;

  (15) Section 301.460--Access to Information;

  (16) Section 301.352--Protection for Refusal to Engage in Certain Conduct;

  (17) Section 301.455--Temporary License Suspension;

  (18) Section 217.11--Standards of Nursing Practice;

  (19) Section 217.12--Unprofessional Conduct; and

  (20) Sections 213.1 - 213.33--Practice and Procedure.

Source Note: The provisions of this §213.31 adopted to be effective August 15, 2002, 27 TexReg 7107; amended to be effective May 17, 2004, 29 TexReg 4884

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