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RULE §326.69Registration Application Formatting, Posting, Appointment and Fees

(a) Registration applications for medical waste must be initially submitted in three copies. The owner or operator shall furnish additional copies of the application for use by required reviewing agencies, upon request of the executive director. The executive director is authorized to approve requests to submit this information electronically if the commission develops electronic systems to manage the data.

(b) Preparation. Preparation of the application must conform with the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1001, Texas Engineering Practice Act.

  (1) The responsible engineer shall provide the firm number and seal, sign, and date the title page of each bound engineering report or individual engineering plan, table of contents and each engineering drawing in the application as required by Texas Engineering Practice Act, §1001.401, and in accordance with 22 TAC §137.33 (relating to Sealing Procedures).

  (2) Applications that have not been sealed shall be considered incomplete for the intended purpose and shall be returned to the owner or operator.

(c) Application format.

  (1) Applications shall be submitted in three-ring binders.

  (2) The title page shall include:

    (A) name of the facility;

    (B) medical waste registration application number, if assigned;

    (C) name of owner and operator;

    (D) location by city and county;

    (E) date the application was prepared;

    (F) the seal and signature of the engineer preparing the application; and the firm number; and

    (G) when applicable, the number and date of the revision.

  (3) The table of contents shall contain the main sections and the corresponding page numbers of the application.

  (4) The narrative of the application shall be printed on 8-1/2 by 11 inches white paper. Drawings or other sheets shall be no larger than 11 by 17 inches so that they can be reproduced by standard office copy machines.

  (5) All pages shall contain a page number and date.

  (6) Revisions to text shall be tracked to document insertions, deletions and formatting changes. Revised pages shall have the revision date and indicate "Revised" in the footer of each revised page. A minimum of three clean copies of all revised pages shall also be provided.

  (7) Dividers and tabs are recommended.

(d) Application drawings.

  (1) All information contained on a drawing shall be legible, even if it has been reduced. The drawings shall be 8-1/2 by 11 inches or 11 by 17 inches. Standard-sized drawings (24 by 36 inches) folded to 8-1/2 by 11 inches may be submitted or required if reduction would render them illegible or difficult to interpret.

  (2) If color coding is used, it should be distinct when reproduced on black and white photocopy machines.

  (3) Drawings shall be submitted at a standard engineering scale.

  (4) Each drawing, plan drawing or map shall have a:

    (A) dated title block;

    (B) bar scale at least one-inch long;

    (C) revision block;

    (D) responsible engineer's or geoscientist's seal, if required; and

    (E) drawing number and a page number.

  (5) Each plan drawing or map shall also have:

    (A) a north arrow. Preferred orientation is to have the north arrow pointing toward the top of the page;

    (B) a reference to the base map source and date, if the map is based upon another map. The latest published edition of the base map should be used; and

    (C) a legible legend.

  (6) Match lines and section lines shall reference the drawing where the match or section is shown. Section drawings should note from where the section was taken.

(e) Posting application information.

  (1) Upon submittal of an application that requires public notice, the owner or operator shall provide a complete copy of the application, including all revisions and supplements to the application, on a publicly accessible internet website, and provide the commission with the Web address link for the application materials. This internet posting is for informational purposes only.

  (2) The commission shall post on its website the identity of all owners and operators filing an application and the Web address link required by this subsection.

(f) Appointments. The owner or operator shall provide documentation that the person signing the application meets the requirements of §305.44(a) and (b) of this title (relating to Signatories to Applications). If the authority has been delegated, provide a copy of the document issued by the governing body of the owner or operator authorizing the person that signed the application to act as agent for the owner or operator.

(g) Application fees. In accordance with §305.53 of this title (relating to Application Fee), the application fee for a registration, modification, or temporary authorization is $150.

Source Note: The provisions of this §326.69 adopted to be effective May 26, 2016, 41 TexReg 3697

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