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RULE §326.61Applicability and General Information

(a) A registration is required for facilities that store or process untreated medical waste that is received from off-site sources. The executive director may authorize these facilities to store and process other related waste. For the purposes of this subsection, off-site shall be any location that does not meet the definition of on-site found in §326.3 of this title (relating to Definitions). No person may cause, suffer, allow, or permit any activity of storage, processing, removal, or disposal of any medical waste unless that activity is authorized by a registration or other authorization from the commission. In the event this prohibition is violated, the executive director may seek recourse against not only the person that stored, processed, or disposed of the waste but also against the generator, transporter, owner or operator, or other person who caused, suffered, allowed, or permitted waste to be stored, processed, or disposed.

(b) No person may commence physical construction of a new medical waste management facility subject to this registration requirement without having received a registration from the commission.

(c) Registration application. A registration application for a medical waste facility is not subject to an opportunity for a contested case hearing.

(d) The information required by this subchapter defines the basic elements for an application. All aspects of the application and design requirements must be addressed by the owner or operator, even if only to show why they are not applicable for that particular site.

(e) The applicant for a medical waste facility registration shall provide the executive director data of sufficient completeness, accuracy, and clarity to provide assurance that operation of the site will pose no endangerment of the human health and welfare or the environment.

(f) Failure of the owner or operator to provide complete information as required by this chapter may provide cause for the executive director to return the application without further action.

(g) Submission of false information shall constitute grounds for denial of the registration application.

(h) Processing facilities registered under subsection (a) of this section, excluding facilities operating as transfer station only, may store or process municipal solid waste that would be classified as medical waste if it were generated by health care-related facilities. This municipal solid waste shall be subject to the same requirements as medical waste when it is accepted by a facility that is only a registered medical waste facility.

Source Note: The provisions of this §326.61 adopted to be effective May 26, 2016, 41 TexReg 3697

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