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RULE §355.8707Notification Requirements for the Creation of a Local Provider Participation Fund (LPPF)

(a) A local government, as defined in Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 300, or a district, as defined in Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 300A, that creates a new local provider participation fund (LPPF) as authorized by those chapters must send HHSC notice of the creation of a new LPPF according to the following procedures.

  (1) HHSC must receive notice of a newly created LPPF electronically to PFD_LFM@hhs.texas.gov no later than 10 business days from the date of the local government or district's creation of the LPPF.

  (2) The notice must contain the following.

    (A) Contact information for at least two employees, board members, or elected officials of the local government or district authorized to implement an LPPF, as well as any individuals the local government or district authorizes to receive informational updates related to LPPF formation and reporting. Contact information shall include:

      (i) full names;

      (ii) titles and description of involvement with the LPPF (if not an employee, board member, or elected official of the local government or district);

      (iii) email addresses; and

      (iv) phone numbers.

    (B) Audio recordings of discussions or written minutes from public meetings, such as commissioner's court meetings or hospital district board meetings, that document the approval of LPPF formation and any associated rate setting.

    (C) Resolution approving rules and procedures for LPPF mandatory assessment payments.

    (D) Resolution authorizing the formation of the LPPF, collection of a mandatory assessment payment, and use of funds from the mandatory assessment payments.

    (E) Public notices from a hardcopy or digital source, such as a newspaper article, notifying providers in the jurisdiction of the intent to create an LPPF and set associated rates.

    (F) Copies of written notice provided to the chief operating officer of each provider that will be required to pay a mandatory assessment.

    (G) Invoices or other records of LPPF mandatory assessments and payments received from providers, if any, have been made at the time notice is provided to HHSC.

    (H) Any agreements between the local government or district implementing the LPPF (including a local government that created the district under Texas Health and Safety Code §300A.0021) and a health care provider or entity related to a health care provider that is required to pay a mandatory assessment, if applicable.

  (3) On receipt of a notice for the creation of an LPPF, HHSC:

    (A) acknowledges receipt of the notice to the local government or district; and

    (B) reviews the information submitted by the local government or district.

      (i) HHSC may request additional information from the local government or district. The additional information must be received by HHSC no later than 10 business days from the date of the written request for additional information.

      (ii) HHSC will extend this deadline for an additional 10 business days if it receives a request for the extension prior to the initial 10 business day due date. A request for an extension that is not received by the stated deadline will not be accepted.

  (4) No local government or district may transfer local funds generated by an LPPF to HHSC via IGT until it has completed the following steps.

    (A) Notify HHSC of the creation of the LPPF in accordance with this section and receive acknowledgment of receipt from HHSC.

    (B) Provide HHSC with any additional information requested by HHSC as provided in this section.

    (C) Establish a unique TexNet Account through the Texas Comptroller.

    (D) Establish a Texas Identifier Number (TIN) through the Provider Finance Department by emailing RAD_Payments@hhs.texas.gov.

(b) Any local government or district that creates an LPPF is subject to annual reporting requirements under 1 TAC Chapter 355, Subchapter L (relating to Local Funds Monitoring).

Source Note: The provisions of this §355.8707 adopted to be effective July 26, 2023, 48 TexReg 3987

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