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RULE §20.381Mail and Messenger Services

(a) The comptroller provides and operates an interagency mail and messenger service to deliver unstamped or non-metered written communications and packages between the legislature, state agencies and legislative agencies located in Travis County.

(b) No personal mail will be carried by the mail and messenger service. No package that exceeds 70 pounds will be delivered by the mail and messenger service.

(c) State warrants may be delivered by the mail and messenger service upon agreement by the state comptroller and the agency concerned.

(d) Mail may be delivered to and from the United States Post Office upon the agreement of the state agency and the comptroller.

(e) The mail and messenger service may process and meter outgoing mail for state agencies upon agreement of the state agency and the comptroller. Each state agency must furnish funds to cover amounts of postage to be metered.

  (1) No mail shall be metered for a state agency in excess of funds provided by the agency, unless approved by the comptroller so as to avoid undue delays in processing mail. Any deficit in an agency's postage account shall be promptly reimbursed to the comptroller.

  (2) The mail and messenger service will provide each state agency utilizing the metered mail service with a monthly report showing the amounts of postage used and volume of mail metered.

  (3) State agencies who use the comptroller's outgoing mail service for the purpose of postage meter rental requirements and cost effective mailing requirements will be considered to be in compliance with Government Code, Chapter 2176 and Government Code, §2113.103.

(f) A state agency located in Travis County is required to consult with the comptroller before renting, purchasing, upgrading, or selling mail processing equipment; contracting with a private entity for mail processing services; or taking any action that will significantly affect the agency's first class mail practices.

  (1) For mail equipment or private entity service contracts under $10,000, a state agency shall submit a written justification to the comptroller stating why the equipment or service is needed and what benefits are expected to be received.

  (2) For mail equipment or private service contracts over $10,000, a state agency shall submit a detailed life-cycle cost benefit analysis to the comptroller that includes all expected costs and benefits over the life of the equipment or service. The analysis shall be in a format prescribed by the comptroller.

  (3) For any action that will significantly affect its first class mail practices, a state agency shall provide a written statement of the need for the action and anticipated benefits. Significant actions affecting the first class mail practices of an agency include, but are not limited to, the following:

    (A) creation or elimination of internal mail processing functions, organization, or staff; and

    (B) addition or elimination of any specific mail processing activities such as metering, presorting, folding/inserting, or labeling.

  (4) The comptroller shall provide a written response to the state agency indicating whether or not it agrees with the intended action and any suggested alternatives.

(g) The comptroller establishes statewide term contracts for postage meter machine rentals when in the best interest of the state. Postage for statewide term contracts is purchased separately by state agencies and cooperative purchasing members. State agencies may pay for postage in accordance with the requirements of United States Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual.

Source Note: The provisions of this §20.381 adopted to be effective January 24, 2017, 42 TexReg 237

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