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RULE §68.101State Leases

(a) State leased buildings or facilities with an annual lease expense in excess of $12,000 shall be registered with the department by completing a State Lease Registration form and submitting it along with the applicable fee(s). This requirement applies to both initial lease agreements and lease renewals. For state leased buildings or facilities that are being constructed, renovated, or modified, an Elimination of Architectural Barriers Project Registration form or Architectural Barriers Project Registration Confirmation page shall also be completed.

(b) The agency shall, prior to advertisement for bid, submit to the department for a determination a completed Lease Evaluation Form obtained from the department. If a Lease Evaluation Form is not submitted, compliance with all applicable standards shall be required. State leases may be exempted from compliance if it is determined by the department that the space will not be used by the public and that the occasion for employment for persons with disabilities is improbable because of the essential job functions.

(c) Buildings or facilities that are leased or occupied in whole or in part for use by the state, shall meet the following requirements of TAS:

  (1) New construction shall comply with TAS 201.1.

  (2) Additions shall comply with TAS 202.2.

  (3) Alterations shall comply with TAS 202.3 and 202.4.

  (4) Historic buildings or facilities shall comply with TAS 202.5.

  (5) Existing buildings and facilities are ones that have not been constructed, renovated, or modified since April 1, 1994. In an existing building or facility, where alterations are not planned or the planned alterations will not affect an area containing a primary function, the following minimum requirements shall apply:

    (A) If parking is required as part of the lease agreement or is provided to serve the leased area, accessible parking spaces shall comply with TAS 208 and 502.

    (B) An accessible route from the parking area(s) shall comply with TAS 206 and 402.

    (C) At least one entrance serving the leased space shall comply with TAS 206.4.5 and 404.

    (D) If toilet rooms or bathrooms are required by the lease agreement or are provided to serve the leased area, at least one set of men's and women's toilet rooms or bathrooms or at least one unisex toilet room or bathroom serving the leased area shall comply with TAS 213 and 603.

    (E) Signage at toilet rooms or bathrooms shall comply with TAS 703. Toilet rooms or bathrooms serving the leased area which are not accessible shall be provided with signage complying with TAS 703.1, 703.2.4, 703.2.5, 703.6.2 and 703.7 indicating the location of the nearest accessible toilet room or bathroom within the facility.

    (F) If drinking fountains are required by the lease agreement, or are provided to serve the leased area, at least one fountain shall comply with TAS 602. If more than one drinking fountain is provided, at least 50% shall comply with TAS 602.

    (G) If public telephones are required by the lease agreement, or are provided to serve the leased area, at least one public telephone shall comply with TAS 704.

    (H) If an element or space of a lease is not specified in this subsection but is present in a state leasehold, that element or space shall comply with TAS 201.1.

Source Note: The provisions of this §68.101 adopted to be effective November 5, 2001, 26 TexReg 8807; amended to be effective February 1, 2005, 30 TexReg 382; amended to be effective March 1, 2007, 32 TexReg 884; amended to be effective March 15, 2012, 37 TexReg 677

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