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RULE §89.207Files and Records Required

Each licensee must maintain records with respect to each property tax loan made under Texas Finance Code, Chapter 351 and Texas Tax Code, §32.06 and §32.065, and make those records available for examination under Texas Finance Code, §351.008. The records required by this section may be maintained by using either a paper or manual recordkeeping system, electronic recordkeeping system, optically imaged recordkeeping system, or a combination of the preceding types of systems, unless otherwise specified by statute or regulation. If federal law requirements for record retention are different from the provisions contained in this section, the federal law requirements prevail only to the extent of the conflict with the provisions of this section.

  (1) Required records. A licensee must maintain the following items:

    (A) A loan register, containing the date of the property tax loan, the last name of the borrower, the "total tax lien payment amount" as defined in §89.601 of this title (relating to Fees for Closing Costs), and the loan number;

    (B) General business and accounting records, including receipts, documents, canceled checks, or other records for each disbursement made at the borrower's direction or request, or made on his behalf or for his benefit, including foreclosure or legal fees applied to the borrower's account;

    (C) Advertising and solicitation records, including examples of all written and electronic communications soliciting loans (including scripts of radio and television broadcasts, and reproductions of billboards and signs not at the licensed place of business) for a period of not less than one year from the date of use or until the next examination by OCCC staff, whichever is later, in order to show compliance with Texas Finance Code, §341.403 and §351.0023;

    (D) Adverse action records regarding all applications relating to Texas Finance Code, Chapter 351 property tax loans maintained for 25 months for consumer credit and 12 months for business credit; and

    (E) An official correspondence file, including all communications from the OCCC, copies of correspondence and reports addressed to the OCCC, and examination reports issued by the OCCC.

  (2) Record of individual borrower's account. A separate record must be maintained for the account of each borrower and the record must contain at least the following information on each loan:

    (A) Loan number as recorded on loan register;

    (B) Loan schedule and terms itemized to show:

      (i) date of loan;

      (ii) number of installments;

      (iii) due date of installments;

      (iv) amount of each installment; and

      (v) maturity date;

    (C) Name, address, and telephone number of borrower;

    (D) Names and addresses of co-borrowers, if any;

    (E) Legal description of real property;

    (F) Principal amount;

    (G) Total interest charges, including the scheduled base finance charge, points (i.e., prepaid finance charge), and per diem interest;

    (H) Amount of official fees for recording, amending, or continuing a notice of security interest that are collected at the time the loan is made;

    (I) Individual payment entries itemized to show:

      (i) date payment received (dual postings are acceptable if date of posting is other than date of receipt);

      (ii) actual amounts received for application to principal and interest; and

      (iii) actual amounts paid for default, deferment, or other authorized charges;

    (J) Any refunds of unearned charges that are required in the event a loan is prepaid in full, including records of final entries, and entries to substantiate that refunds due were paid to borrowers, with refund amounts itemized to show interest charges refunded, including the refund of any unearned points;

    (K) Collection contact history, including a written or electronic record of each contact made by a licensee with the borrower or any other person and each contact made by the borrower with the licensee, in connection with amounts due, with each record including the date, method of contact, contacted party, person initiating the contact, and a summary of the contact;

    (L) Transfer, assignment, or sale records.

  (3) Property tax loan transaction file. A licensee must maintain a paper or imaged copy of a property tax loan transaction file for each individual property tax loan or be able to produce the same information within a reasonable amount of time. The property tax loan transaction file must contain documents that show the licensee's compliance with applicable law, including Texas Finance Code, Chapter 351; Texas Tax Code, §32.06 and §32.065, and any applicable state and federal statutes and regulations. If a substantially equivalent electronic record for any of the following documents exists, a paper copy of the record does not have to be included in the property tax loan transaction file if the electronic record can be accessed upon request. The property tax loan transaction file must include copies of the following records or documents, unless otherwise specified:

    (A) For all property tax loan transactions:

      (i) all lien transfer and security documents signed by the borrowers, including any promissory note, loan agreement, deed of trust, contract, security deed, other security instrument, or other lien transfer document, executed in accordance with or under Texas Tax Code, §32.06 or §32.065, or Texas Finance Code, §351.002(2)(C);

      (ii) the application for credit or transfer of the lien and any other written or recorded information used in evaluating the application;

      (iii) the disclosure statement to property owner as required by Texas Tax Code, §32.06(a-4)(1) and §89.504 of this title (relating to Requirements for Disclosure Statement to Property Owner) and §89.506 of this title (relating to Disclosures), including verification of delivery of the statement;

      (iv) the sworn document authorizing transfer of tax lien as required by Texas Tax Code, §32.06(a-1) and §89.701 of this title (relating to Sworn Document Authorizing Transfer of Tax Lien), including written documentation to support that the sworn document was sent by certified mail to any mortgage servicer and to each holder of a recorded first lien encumbering the property;

      (v) the certified statement of transfer of tax lien as required by Texas Tax Code, §32.06(b) and §89.702 of this title (relating to Certified Statement of Transfer of Tax Lien), including information verifying the date that the certified statement was received by the licensee from the tax assessor-collector;

      (vi) a final itemization of the actual fees, points, interest, costs, and charges that were charged at closing and to whom the charges were paid as specified by Texas Tax Code, §32.06(e);

      (vii) if available, any tax certificate or other similar record used to determine the status of a tax account for the property subject to the tax lien as required by Texas Tax Code, §32.06(a-2) or authorization by property owner to pay the taxes;

      (viii) copies of any other agreements, disclosures, or affidavits signed by the borrower applicable to the property tax loan;

      (ix) receipts, invoices, or statements describing the nature of the title defect and the work performed by an attorney, along with proof of payment for recording costs or attorney's fees necessary to address a defect in title, as described by §89.601(c)(5) of this title (relating to Fees for Closing Costs), unless the records required by this clause are maintained under paragraph (1)(B) of this section, and upon request, the licensee produces these records within a reasonable amount of time, and itemizes or otherwise indexes individual entries to a particular property tax loan transaction file;

      (x) written documentation of any legitimate discount points offered to the property owner, as described by §89.601(d) of this title, including the written proposal described by §89.601(d)(1)(C);

    (B) If the property is residential property owned and used by the property owner for personal, family, or household use, the notice of the right of rescission as specified by Texas Tax Code, §32.06(d-1) and Truth in Lending (Regulation Z), 12 C.F.R. §1026.23;

    (C) Copies of any requests for payoff statements received by the licensee or its agent under Texas Tax Code, §32.06(a-6) and §89.801 of this title (relating to Requests for Payoff Statements); copies of any requests for payoff statements received by the licensee or its agent under Texas Tax Code, §32.06(f), (f-1), or §32.065(b-1); and copies of any other requests for payoff statements received by the licensee or its agent;


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