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RULE §87.51Form of Record Book

(a) Notary records, other than records of online notarizations, may be maintained either in a book or electronically in a computer or other storage device so long as the records are adequately backed-up and are capable of being printed in a tangible medium when requested.

(b) Records of an online notarization shall be maintained electronically in computers or other storage devices that are capable of recording the information required by §406.108, Government Code, including a recording of any video and audio conference that is the basis for identifying the principal. An online notary public may contract with a third party to provide such storage if the third party:

  (1) has provided reasonable evidence to the online notary public that it is capable of providing such services; and

  (2) provides complete access to the online notary public of all the notary's records for an agreed period of time, which at minimum, complies with the retention requirements in §87.54 of this title (relating to Records Retention) even if such a contract is terminated. If the contract between the online notary public and the third party is terminated, all records must be transferred to the online notary public.

(c) The records of a notary public shall remain within the exclusive control of the notary public at all times.

(d) A notary public who performs multiple notarizations for the same principal within a single document may abbreviate the entry of those notarizations in the notary record book, except that a separate entry must be made for each type of notarial act. The abbreviated entry must contain all the information required by §406.014, Government Code, and must include the number of notarizations performed within the specified document.

Source Note: The provisions of this §87.51 adopted to be effective August 19, 2018, 43 TexReg 5355

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