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RULE §130.53Podiatric Medical Radiological Technicians

(a) This section does not apply to persons certified by the Texas Medical Board under the Medical Radiologic Technologist Certification Act who are Non-Certified Technicians (NCTs), Certified Medical Radiologic Technologists (MRTs) or Limited Medical Radiologic Technologists (LMRTs).

(b) It is the practitioner's responsibility to ensure that all individuals wishing to perform podiatric radiological procedures are properly trained and apply for registration with the department as a podiatric medical radiological technician.

(c) Podiatric equipment training course providers, and standards for curricula and instructors must be approved by the department.

(d) Podiatric medical radiological technician applicants must:

  (1) be 18 years of age or older;

  (2) successfully complete the following 20 hours of clinical and didactic training requirements and provide proof of completion to the department:

    (A) 5 class hours and 5 out of class hours of radiation safety and protection for the patient, self, and others;

    (B) 1 class and 2 out of class hours of radiographic equipment used in podiatric medicine, including safety standards, operation, and maintenance;

    (C) 1 class and 4 out of class hours in podiatric radiologic procedures, imaging production and evaluation; and

    (D) 1 class and 1 out of class hour in methods of patient care and management essential to radiologic procedures, excluding CPR, BCLS, ACLS and similar subjects; and

  (3) submit a department-approved application.

(e) Out of classroom training hours must be verified by a supervising podiatrist and require the student to maintain a log demonstrating the successful production of 60 x-rays in the clinical setting overseen and signed by the supervising podiatrist.

(f) A podiatric medical radiological technician must hold a registration and may perform only podiatric radiological procedures.

(g) A podiatric medical radiological technician registrant shall perform radiological procedures only under the supervision of a practitioner physically present on the premises.

(h) A podiatric medical radiological technician registrant shall not perform any dangerous or hazardous procedures as identified by the Texas Medical Board.

(i) All registrants must comply with the safety rules of the Texas Department of State Health Services, Radiation Control Program relating to the control of radiation.

(j) Registration is valid for one year and must be renewed annually by submitting a department-approved application. For each registration renewal on or after September 1, 2020, a radiological technician must complete the human trafficking prevention training required under Occupations Code, Chapter 116, and provide proof of completion as prescribed by the department.

(k) Registrants shall inform the department of any address change or change of supervising podiatric physician within two (2) weeks.

(l) The department may refuse to issue or renew a registration to an applicant or a podiatric medical radiological technician who:

  (1) violates the Podiatric Medical Practice Act, the Rules, an order of the executive director or commission previously entered in a disciplinary proceeding, or an order to comply with a subpoena issued by the department;

  (2) violates the Medical Radiologic Technologist Certification Act, or the Rules promulgated by the Texas Medical Board;

  (3) violates the Rules of the Texas Department of State Health Services for Control of Radiation;

  (4) obtains, attempts to obtain, or uses a registration by bribery or fraud;

  (5) engages in unprofessional conduct, including but not limited to, conviction of a crime or commission of any act that is in violation of the laws of the State of Texas if the act is connected with provision of health care;

  (6) develops or has an incapacity that prevents the practice of podiatric medical radiological technician with reasonable skill, competence, and safety to the public as a result of:

    (A) an illness;

    (B) drug or alcohol dependency; or habitual use of drug or intoxicating liquors; or

    (C) another physical or mental condition;

  (7) fails to practice in an acceptable manner consistent with public health and welfare;

  (8) has disciplinary action taken against a radiological certification, permit, or registration in another state, or by another regulatory agency;

  (9) engages in acts requiring registration under these rules without a current registration from the department;

  (10) has had a registration revoked, suspended, or has received disciplinary action.

(m) The commission, executive director, or department, as appropriate, may suspend, revoke, or refuse to issue or renew the registration upon finding that a podiatric medical radiological technician has committed any offense listed in this section.

Source Note: The provisions of this §130.53 adopted to be effective November 1, 2018, 43 TexReg 6953; amended to be effective July 1, 2020, 45 TexReg 4333

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