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RULE §30.5Texas Heritage Trail Program Operations

(a) The Commission may provide financial assistance to support the operations of the regional organizations to the extent funds are appropriated for the program by the Legislature. The Commission may establish match requirements and procedures to obtain financial assistance, provided such requirements and procedures are uniform to all participating regional organizations. The amount of financial support provided to a specific regional organization in any fiscal year may vary from region to region or from year to year. State funds received by a regional organization from the Commission may only be used for the purposes set forth under this rule and in the contract.

(b) Membership and sponsorship

  (1) A regional organization may, at its discretion, create membership or sponsorship initiatives to benefit the regional organization or the THTP. Regional organizations shall keep the Commission apprised of these programs and any requirements, fees, or benefits imposed upon or provided to members or sponsors.

  (2) Membership fees or other revenue generated directly by a regional organization may be retained by the regional organization for its own use to further its objectives and purpose as a participant in the THTP.

  (3) Regional organizations shall provide basic heritage tourism-related services and consultation to communities, organizations, or persons within its respective region as allowed by funding or scheduling, and regardless of membership or sponsorship status.

(c) The Commission shall establish methods of communications and outreach with and among the regional organizations that includes periodic updates, conference calls, and schedules of meetings. The Commission shall establish attendance requirements to ensure appropriate participation of executive directors and board representatives.

(d) The Commission may establish schedules and methods for regional visits, orientations and trainings.

(e) The Commission may, in its sole discretion, participate in or otherwise facilitate opportunities for regional organizations to take part in relevant consumer travel shows or travel industry events, subject to available funds. The Commission may develop requirements for event participation by the regional organizations.

(f) The Commission may, in its sole discretion, implement print and digital advertising campaigns for the THTP. The Commission shall consult with participating regional organizations regarding the implementation of new advertising campaigns, but the Commission shall have the final authority over the campaigns to be pursued and the resources to be associated with such campaigns.

(g) A regional organization may implement marketing and advertising campaigns independent of the Commission that relate directly to that regional organization's purpose, status, duties, and/or activities performed as a participant in the THTP. A regional organization must not use the name of Commission, the State of Texas, or any other state agency, nor any other non-consenting regional organization in any media release, public announcement, or public disclosure relating to the program, including in any promotional or marketing materials, customer lists, or business presentations, without the advance written approval of Commission.

(h) Publications and Materials

  (1) Use of THTP Materials is limited to a regional organization's participation in the THTP, as determined by Commission.

  (2) The Commission will be solely responsible for the development, revisions, printing, reprinting, distribution, storage, and fulfillment of the Texas Heritage Travel Guide ("Travel Guide") as allowed by program funding. Regional organizations may request copies of the Travel Guide and other agency heritage tourism guides or products for their use or distribution, as inventories allow.

  (3) The Commission, at its sole discretion, may solicit and accept sponsorship or advertising in heritage tourism guides or products to offset the costs of production, printing, and distribution. The Commission may consult with regional organizations on revisions or future versions of guides and materials. Regional organizations may suggest revisions or updates related to their respective regions in future versions of the guides and materials in accordance with the terms of the contract.

  (4) A regional organization may produce and distribute publications or materials independent of the Commission that serve the mission of the regional organization and the THTP, in accordance with the contract between the regional organization and the Commission.

(i) The Commission shall establish guidelines and requirements for the use of agency-provided websites and digital applications by the regional organizations.

  (1) The websites and digital applications shall be operated in accordance with the guidelines and requirements.

  (2) Content shall conform to the requirements of the contract, content management system, customary professional standards, and any other guidelines developed and distributed by the Commission for the THTP.

  (3) The focus of the websites and digital applications shall be on providing curated, non-commercial information for the heritage tourism market. The Commission shall have decision-making authority and editorial control over the information included on any of the websites and digital applications, and the manner and form in which it is included.

Source Note: The provisions of this §30.5 adopted to be effective March 4, 2019, 44 TexReg 1120

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