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RULE §25.174Competitive Renewable Energy Zones

(a) Competitive Renewable Energy Zone Transmission Projects. In considering an application for a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) or CCN amendment for the addition of a second 345-kilovolt (kV) circuit on the Alibates-AJ Swope-Windmill-Ogallala-Tule Canyon transmission line, the commission is not required to consider the factors under Public Utility Regulatory Act (PURA) §37.056(c)(1) and (2).

(b) Designation of Competitive Renewable Energy Zones. The designation of Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZs) pursuant to PURA §39.904(g) shall be made through one or more contested-case proceedings initiated by commission staff, for which the commission shall establish a procedural schedule. The commission shall consider the need for proceedings to determine CREZs in 2007.

  (1) Commission staff shall initiate a contested case proceeding upon receiving the information required by paragraph (2) of this subsection. Any interested entity that participates in the contested case may nominate a region for CREZ designation. An entity may submit any evidence it deems appropriate in support of its nomination, but it shall include information prescribed in paragraph (2)(A) - (C) of this subsection.

  (2) By December 1, 2006, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) shall provide to the commission a study of the wind energy production potential statewide, and of the transmission constraints that are most likely to limit the deliverability of electricity from wind energy resources. ERCOT shall consult with other regional transmission organizations, independent organizations, independent system operators, or utilities in its analysis of regions of Texas outside the ERCOT power region. At a minimum, the study submitted by ERCOT shall include:

    (A) a map and geographic descriptions of regions that can reasonably accommodate at least 1,000 megawatts (MW) of new wind-powered generation resources;

    (B) an estimate of the maximum generating capacity in MW that each zone can reasonably accommodate and an estimate of the zone's annual production potential;

    (C) a description of the improvements necessary to provide transmission service to the region, a preliminary estimate of the cost, and identification of the transmission service provider (TSP) or TSPs whose existing transmission facilities would be directly affected;

    (D) an analysis of any potential combinations of zones that, in ERCOT's estimation, would result in significantly greater efficiency if developed together; and

    (E) the amount of generating capacity already in service in the zone, the amount not in service but for which interconnection agreements (IAs) have been executed, and the amount under study for.

  (3) The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife may provide an analysis of wildlife habitat that may be affected by renewable energy development in any candidate zone, and may submit recommendations for mitigating harmful impacts on wildlife and habitat.

  (4) In determining whether to designate an area as a CREZ and the number of CREZs to designate, the commission shall consider:

    (A) whether renewable energy resources and suitable land areas are sufficient to develop generating capacity from renewable energy technologies;

    (B) the level of financial commitment by generators; and

    (C) any other factors considered appropriate by the commission as provided by PURA, including, but not limited to, the estimated cost of constructing transmission capacity necessary to deliver to electric customers the electric output from renewable energy resources in the candidate zone, and the estimated benefits of renewable energy produced in the candidate zone.

  (5) The commission shall issue a final order within six months of the initiation by commission staff of a CREZ proceeding, unless it finds good cause to extend the deadline. For each new CREZ it orders, the commission shall specify:

    (A) the geographic extent of the CREZ;

    (B) major transmission improvements necessary to deliver to customers the energy generated by renewable resources in the CREZ, in a manner that is most beneficial and cost-effective to the customers, including new and upgraded lines identified by voltage level and a general description of where any new lines will interconnect to the existing grid;

    (C) an estimate of the maximum generating capacity that the commission expects the transmission ordered for the CREZ to accommodate; and

    (D) any other requirement considered appropriate by the commission as provided by PURA.

  (6) The commission may direct a utility outside of ERCOT to file a plan for the development of a CREZ in or adjacent to its service area. The plan shall include the maximum generating capacity that each potential CREZ can reasonably accommodate; identify the transmission improvements needed to provide service to each CREZ; and include the cost of the improvements and a timetable for complying with all applicable federal transmission tariff requirements.

(c) Level of financial commitment by generators for designating a CREZ.

  (1) A renewable energy developer's existing renewable energy resources, and pending or signed IAs for planned renewable energy resources, leasing agreements with landowners in a proposed CREZ, and letters of credit representing dollars per MW of proposed renewable generation resources, posted with ERCOT, that the developer intends to install and the area of interest are examples of financial commitment by developers to a CREZ. The commission may also consider projects for which a TSP, ERCOT, or another independent system operator is conducting an interconnection study; and any other factors for which parties have provided evidence as indications of financial commitment.

  (2) A non-utility entity's commitment to build and own transmission facilities dedicated to delivering the output of renewable energy resources in a proposed CREZ to the transmission system of a TSP in Texas or a deposit or payment to secure or fund the construction of such transmission facilities by an electric utility or a transmission utility to deliver the output of a renewable generation project in Texas is an indication of the entity's financial commitment to a CREZ.

(d) Plan to develop transmission capacity.

  (1) After the issuance of a final order in accordance with subsection (b)(5) of this section, entities interested in constructing the transmission improvements shall submit expressions of interest to the commission. The commission shall select the entity or entities responsible for constructing the transmission improvements, establish a schedule by which the improvements shall be completed, and specify any additional reporting requirements or other measures deemed appropriate by the commission to ensure that entities complete the ordered improvements in a timely manner.

  (2) The commission shall develop a plan to construct transmission capacity necessary to deliver to electric customers, in a manner that is most beneficial and cost-effective to the customers, the electric output from renewable energy technologies in the CREZ.

  (3) In developing the transmission capacity plan, the commission may consider:

    (A) the estimated cost of constructing transmission capacity necessary to deliver to electric customers the electric output from renewable energy resources in the candidate zone;

    (B) the estimated cost of additional ancillary services; and

    (C) any other factors considered appropriate by the commission as provided by PURA.

(e) Certificates of convenience and necessity.

  (1) Not later than three years after a commission final order designating a CREZ, each TSP selected to build and own transmission facilities for that CREZ shall file all required CREZ CCN applications. The commission may grant an extension to this deadline for good cause. The commission may establish a filing schedule for the CCN applications.

  (2) A CCN application for a transmission project intended to serve a CREZ, except an application filed pursuant to paragraph (1) of this subsection or subsection (a) of this section, shall address all the criteria in PURA §37.056, including the criteria in PURA §37.056(c)(1) and (2).

  (3) In determining whether financial commitment for a CREZ is sufficient under PURA §39.904(g)(3) to grant CCNs for transmission facilities for the CREZ, the commission shall consider the following evidence of financial commitment by renewable generators:

    (A) capacity represented by installed generation located in one or more of the counties that lie in whole or in part within the CREZ;


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