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RULE §550.1101Transportation Services

(a) A center must ensure transportation services are provided for a minor, as authorized by an adult minor, the minor's parent, and the minor's prescribing physician:

  (1) from the minor's home to the center;

  (2) from the center to the minor's home; and

  (3) to and from the center for services coordinated by the center.

(b) A minor’s parent is not required to accompany the minor when the center transports or provides for the transport of the minor.

(c) A center must ensure that vehicles are accessible for a minor with disabilities and equipped to meet the needs of a minor during transport.

(d) A minor's parent may decline a center's transportation services.

(e) A center must adopt and enforce written policies and procedures describing the staff and equipment that will accompany a minor during transportation. The staff must include a driver and a nurse.

(f) A center must ensure that:

  (1) a person transporting a minor on behalf of a center has a valid and appropriate Texas driver's license, a copy of which the center must keep on file;

  (2) a vehicle used to transport a minor has a current Texas safety inspection sticker and vehicle registration decal properly affixed to a vehicle;

  (3) the center maintains commercial insurance for the operation of a center's vehicles, including coverage for minors and staff in a center's vehicle in the event of accident or injury;

  (4) documentation of the insurance is maintained and includes:

    (A) the name of the insurance company;

    (B) the insurance policy number;

    (C) the period of coverage; and

    (D) an explanation of the coverage;

  (5) the center provides a driver and the center's nurse with an up-to-date master transportation list that includes a minor's name, pick up and drop off locations, and authorized persons to whom a minor may be released;

  (6) the master transportation list is on file at the center;

  (7) the driver and the center's nurse riding in the vehicle maintain a daily attendance record for each trip that includes the driver's name, the date, names of all passengers in the vehicle, the name of the person to whom a minor was released, and the time of release; and

  (8) the number of people in a vehicle used to transport minors does not exceed the manufacturer's recommended capacity for the vehicle.

Source Note: The provisions of this §550.1101 adopted to be effective September 1, 2014, 39 TexReg 6569; amended to be effective September 28, 2016, 41 TexReg 7512; transferred effective May 1, 2019, as published in the Texas Register April 12, 2019, 44 TexReg 1875

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