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RULE §164.6Required Disclosures on Websites

(a) Disclosure. A licensee that maintains a website in relation to the license's professional practice must clearly disclose:

  (1) ownership of the website;

  (2) specific services provided;

  (3) office address and contact information;

  (4) licensure and qualifications of physician(s) and associated health care providers;

  (5) fees for online consultation and services and how payment is to be made;

  (6) financial interest in any information, products, or services;

  (7) appropriate uses and limitations of the site, including providing health advice and emergency health situations;

  (8) uses and response times for e-mails, electronic messages, and other communications transmitted via the site;

  (9) to whom patient health information may be disclosed and for what purpose;

  (10) rights of patients with respect to patient health information; and

  (11) information collected and any passive tracking mechanisms utilized.

(b) Accountability. Licensees must provide patients with a clear mechanism to:

  (1) access, supplement, and amend patient-provided personal health information;

  (2) provide feedback regarding the site and the quality of information and services; and

  (3) register complaints, including information regarding filing a complaint with the Texas Medical Board as provided for in Chapter 178 of this title (relating to Complaints).

(c) Advertising/Promotion of Goods or Products. Advertising or promotion of goods or products that a licensee sells outside the normal course of business from which the physician receives direct remuneration or incentives is prohibited.

(d) This section applies only to licensees who bill for services provided via the Internet.

Source Note: The provisions of this §164.6 adopted to be effective July 1, 2010, 35 TexReg 5561; amended to be effective May 5, 2011, 36 TexReg 2727

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