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RULE §265.171Operation and Management

(a) Required certification. The lagoon shall be maintained under the supervision and direction of a properly trained and certified operator who is responsible for the sanitation, safety, proper maintenance of the lagoon, and for maintaining all physical and mechanical equipment and records. Training and certification can be obtained by completion of one of the following courses or their equivalent:

  (1) the National Recreation and Parks Association, "Aquatic Facility Operator;"

  (2) the PHTA, "Certified Pool Operator;" or

  (3) the American Swimming Pool and Spa Association, "Licensed Aquatic Facility Technician."

(b) Water clarity. The lagoon shall be opened for use only when the bottom at the deepest point of the swimming areas of the lagoon are clearly visible. Visual occlusion by sediment or other matter shall be checked before opening and periodically, as necessary, while the lagoon is in use. Clarity shall be observed between one and five minutes after users have exited. Sediment shall be removed as needed before allowing re-entry by users into the lagoon.

(c) Closure signs. When the lagoon is closed for the season or for any other reason other than during normal operating periods, a "Lagoon Closed" sign in letters at least one-inch in height shall be posted on the exterior of each entrance.

(d) Off-season water clarity. When the lagoon is not in use for at least 30 days (such as off-season), clarity shall be maintained, and algae growth shall be prevented, however, other water quality parameters required by §265.166 of this subchapter (relating to Water Quality) need not be maintained.

(e) Off-season safety. When a lagoon is not in use after seasonal operation, while under construction or renovation, or for any other reason, the lagoon shall not be allowed to give off objectionable odors, become a breeding site for pests, or create any other nuisance condition or hazard.

(f) Domestic animals prohibited. Domestic animals and other pets shall not be allowed within the enclosure, except that service animals shall be allowed within the enclosure, but not in the lagoon.

(g) Floatation devices. No person shall be prohibited from the use of a USCG-approved personal floatation device.

(h) Protection from chemical exposure. Personnel in charge of maintaining the lagoon shall be properly trained in accordance with §265.165 of this subchapter (relating to Disinfectant Equipment).

(i) Use of chemicals. Use of chemicals shall be according to the chemical manufacturer's directions. No chemical shall be used in a way that violates the manufacturer's instructions for the chemical feed system or the NSF/ANSI 50 or NSF/ANSI 60 certification of the chemical feed system.

(j) Use of registered products. Only chemicals registered and labeled for use in pools, spas, drinking water, and other recreational water aquatic facilities shall be used.

Source Note: The provisions of this §265.171 adopted to be effective March 1, 2020, 45 TexReg 1024

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